From the daily archives: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

JobsOhio released its third quarter report on November 2.  It got virtually no media coverage because, like the last reports, it’s high on pro-Kasich propaganda and short on the kind of details necessary for any outside party to really understand what, if anything, JobsOhio is doing.  Sure, it generally lists some of the companies JobsOhio has benefited, but it omits any information about what the state is providing to these companies.

Without that information, it’s impossible to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the JobsOhio’s investment strategy […]

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Will GOP and Husted ever learn?

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It  was reasonable to hope in the post-election days that we could all enjoy a period of Pax Americana.  You know.  A quiet moment with a good book, a Rick Steves segment on Tuscany, a football telecast uninterrupted by a barrage of meaningless political commercials.

But then pundits , without taking a breath,   leap forward with the names of Hillary Clinton or Republican heirless-apparents like Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and John Kasich and we’re up to our ears in what-might-have-beens, what could-have-beens and  what should-have beens – and what might-bes.

Ryan, who didn’t even carry his hometown on […]

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One of the (few) pleasant surprises from the Republican Legislature has been some positive action on criminal justice issues.

Last year, for example, Governor Kasich signed a sentencing reform bill that promoted rehabilitation instead of incarceration for many offenders. In recent years, Ohio has also passed legislation establishing practices for witness identifications and has moved to more open discovery in the criminal justice system.

Which is why a bill passed by the Ohio House – HB 265 – designed to give a procedural advantage to prosecutors is so disappointing.

Bear with us for some brief criminal procedure.

The Constitution […]

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The Ohio House Education Committee reconvened last evening with the introduction of the latest version (sub bill) of an education reform bill from Governor Kasich’s office, House Bill 555.  The bill was introduced by Committee Chair, Gerald Stebelton who, as sponsor and chair, had to step down to the podium and turn his seat over to Mike Dovilla.

Sub House Bill 555 primarily focuses on revising the method for grading schools and districts, but when Stebelton completed his prepared remarks, committee members from both parties launched into a series of questions about a piece of the legislation not […]

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