From the daily archives: Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plunderbund reader Joe Knapp sent us this great video of the voting line at the early voting center in Franklin County Ohio today.

The Plain Dealer reports that 3,700 people voted during today’s limited voting hours at this location.  The wait was over two hours in some cases.

Franklin County voted overwhelming for Obama in 2008.  And it appears Democratic voters are just as fired up this year – if not more.

Thanks for sharing the video, Joe!

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Plunderbund has just confirmed that True the Vote is attempting to place “observers” inside Franklin County polling locations and, surprise!, the precincts they will be targeting are mostly in African American communities.

Quick background: True the Vote was founded in Texas but has been training “poll watchers” throughout the country in an attempt to intimidate Democratic voters at the polls.   Their plan is simple: primarily-white volunteers are dispatched to Democratic-leaning districts, usually with high populations Hispanic or African American voters, as part of a coordinated intimidation effort.

In Franklin County, True the Vote has submitted forms to the BOE to allow their […]

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We’re not sure if Romney’s website just sucks, or if the campaign has simply abandoned Southern Ohio, but a quick search for events within 50 miles of Hamilton county (specifically postal code 45202) in the next two days shows just two events.  Both are rallies tomorrow after early voting has ended and both, surprisingly, involve John Boehner.

I say surprisingly because a PPP poll from a few weeks ago shows Boehner’s approval rating under water.

Do you approve or disapprove of House Speaker John Boehner’s job performance?
Approve …………….. .33%
Disapprove…………. .46%
Not sure …………….. .21%

Also noteworthy: the calendar […]

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Today’s story is the incredibly long lines to vote across Ohio. Unlike in 2008, early voting was limited to weekdays by Secretary of State Jon Husted. But thanks to a lawsuit by the Obama campaign, two weekend days were restored — yesterday and today — and the lines clearly demonstrate that Ohioans want (or need) to vote on the weekend.

Don’t like long lines to vote? Be sure to let your State Representative and State Senator know. The GOP is already promising to revisit Ohio’s early voting process during the lame duck legislative session later this month, and you can […]

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First thing’s first:   If you have any concerns about voting this year, please go read Leo’s post from this morning .  It will make you feel much better.

Now for some important things to keep in mind when you head out to vote…


You DO NOT need an ID to vote early today or Monday.  You will simply need to put the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number or your Ohio Driver’s License Number on the form.  If you don’t have either, you can show one of the alternative forms of ID listed below.

You can […]

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Back on Wednesday, we pointed out that President Obama’s polling in Ohio was only slightly worse than where he was at the same point in 2008:

In 2008, Obama’s average in the polls for support in Ohio was 49.2%.   Today, it’s 48.9%.  You read that right.  Obama’s lost only .3% of the support he had in 2008.  Romney is polling a little better than 3 points than McCain was because there are fewer undecided voters this cycle.

But that was Wednesday, and we’ve had even more polling since then in Ohio.  So, where does the race for President […]

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Here is a little song I wrote

You might want to sing it note for note

Don’t worry be happy

In every life we have some trouble

When you worry you make it double

Don’t worry, be happy……


Bobby McFerrin


1.         The election on Tuesday will generally go off without too many major problems.  For the overwhelming majority of Ohioans who wait to Election Day to vote the lines will be manageable, the process will be smooth, and your experience will be drama free.  Wear your “I voted Today” button proudly.

2.         The […]

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In a hotly contested race for Ohio’s 21st House District, upstart teacher Donna O’Connor has pseudo-incumbent Mike Duffey on the defensive, attempting to change his narrative in the final days before the election.  Duffey, incumbent by way of his district being redrawn to retain his hometown advantage, apparently never imagined that he be getting hammered by a female teacher with no political experience.

Yet  O’Connor has demonstrated her personal work ethic exceeds his by being on the offensive this entire calendar year, knocking on doors daily since before winning a tight primary and earning the Democratic nomination.  In the last […]

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