From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Again proving Republicans learned absolutely nothing from their huge defeat last week, the Republican-controlled Ohio House has scheduled hearings starting today at 4pm for HB 580  – the Arizona-like anti-immigrant bill sponsored by Republican State Reps Courtney Combs and Matt Lynch.

Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the US, currently making up 16% of the population.

Obama won their vote  71 to 27, helping to push him to victory.



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The House Education Committee meets tonight for the first of numerous lame-duck gatherings with the key piece of legislation being the creation of a new (old-school)  grading system for schools across the state that was mandated by the General Assembly last spring.  Parents and educators across the state have some reason to be optimistic that this legislation might end up less horrible now that a former teacher has been appointed as the Ranking Minority Member on the Education Committee, representing progressive educational interests.

Representative Nickie Antonio (D), already a voice of reason on the committee, will […]

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One Last Paul Ryan Fact Check

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We are gonna miss this guy.

The New York Times reported that Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan “blamed Democratic turnout in ‘urban areas’ for the loss by the Republican presidential ticket last week.  In particular, he said that “The surprise was some of the turnout, some of the turnout especially in urban areas, which gave President Obama the big margin to win this race.”

Ryan specifically pointed to what he claimed was surprising turnout in urban areas in Virginia and Ohio.

Why was he surprised?  At least in Ohio, turnout in the major urban counties appears to have been […]

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For intelligence on Gov. Kasich’s view of Ohio’s nationally acclaimed medical community, look no further than the poor quality of his appointees to the State Medical Board of Ohio.

His latest consumer appointee is Michael L. Gonidakis who will serve through July of 2017. Mr. Gonidakis has zero medical credentials. He is a lawyer who is best known as head of Ohio Right to Life. Despite polling and election results showing that Ohio remains strongly pro-choice, our anti-choice governor continues to use his discretion to curry favor with extremist groups such as Right to Life.

Mr. Gonidakis joins another […]

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This is much watch video.  Melissa Harris-Perry reads an open letter to our own Secretary of State Jon Husted and takes him to task over his voter suppression schemes.

You have to wonder what Jon would have gotten away with if we all weren’t watching and holding him accountable to running fair elections.  All his shenanigans are well documented and for the most part did not affect this past election – unless you consider the inequitable situation with long lines and such.  He even tried going to a “True the Vote Summit” until we busted him and he canceled that […]

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