From the daily archives: Friday, November 16, 2012

A key aspect of Obamacare is its mandate for health insurance. To make finding coverage easier, beginning in 2014, consumers and businesses will be able to shop for and compare insurance plans on websites known as “exchanges.

States can set up their own exchange, putting them in control of key decisions such as which insurance plans are offered and what they must cover. States can also opt out and let the federal government make all the decisions. A third option exists for a state-federal hybrid. Today was the deadline for states to indicate whether they would run a […]

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JobsOhio announced today that it will launch an advertising campaign featuring new 30-second television spots that will “run for three weeks on most major networks around the state.” You read that correctly. John Kasich’s signature program, funded with taxpayer dollars and responsible for attracting new jobs to Ohio, is going to start running TV ads in Ohio.

For a group that fought tooth-and-nail to be free from any government oversight or public scrutiny, the purpose of their first big ad buy couldn’t be any more transparent.

You may be familiar with TV ads from Michigan or New York that […]

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Guess who said it?

Ohio lawmakers have no valid reason to steer Medicaid funding away from Planned Parenthood.

By establishing a priority order that puts public entities first and moves to the bottom “nonpublic entities that provide family planning services, but do not provide comprehensive primary and preventive care services,” House Bill 298 clearly aims to block funding to Planned Parenthood.

The reason is no secret: Some people disapprove of Planned Parenthood because it provides abortions.

That is not a valid reason to disqualify the organization as a provider of birth control, cancer screenings, prenatal care and other women’s […]

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Shortly after taking office, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that the State of Ohio would receive $10 million in a $26 million settlement his office had reached with CareSource, a Dayton area company that was accused of Medicaid fraud.

According to Republican DeWine, CareSource billed the state for services it failed to provide to children with special health care needs and adults.  CareSource denied any wrongdoing, but paid $26 million to settle the case.  However, CareSource’s denial did not stop DeWine from declaring CareSource guilty:

“Medicaid program dollars need to be used to do what they are […]

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The Kasich administration’s pro-utility, anti-consumer crusade is nearly complete with the announcement that Cheryl Roberto will depart from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio by year’s end.

Roberto is best known for promoting energy efficiency and the environment – two casualties of the administration.

Her announcement came as FirstEnergy lobbies state legislators to freeze Ohio’s energy efficiency benchmarks at current levels. Without changes to the law, energy efficiency benchmarks will gradually increase until 2025, when utilities must reduce customers’ electricity consumption by 22% of the baseline level established a few years ago.

According to Gongwer News Service:

“We’re concerned […]

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