Back in January Kasich announced an initiative to ”coordinate, align, and in some cases eliminate the state’s 77 worker training programs currently spread among 13 different government agencies.” In his State of the State speech Kasich proudly proclaimed Rich Frederick would be heading up the program and “reporting directly to me.”

Frederick was supposed to “change the whole thing” – but instead we heard nearly nothing about workforce development until Frederick quit and/or was fired on October 19th after making nearly $7,000 a month for close to a year.

Now, eleven months after announcing his workforce development program, and a month after his workforce guy quit, the Kasich administration seems to finally be moving forward with their workforce development plans.

On Monday, Kasich helped kick off the first meeting of Ohio’s Executive Workforce Board – a 25-member panel that appears to be charged with accomplishing the same exact tasks Frederick failed to accomplish.

Remember when John Kasich, the supposed small government conservative, promised to eliminate red tape, simplify the way state government operates and help get Ohio moving at the “speed of business”?

We’re all still waiting.

  • Thanks for keeping the spotlight on Kasich’s incompetence and misuse of tax dollars. I would like him to do a better job but I’m not waiting for him to keep his promise to shrink government. Most of government doesn’t need shrinking. For example, I hope he doesn’t eliminate or cripple any workforce training programs. We need those.

  • You know what really results in effective streamelining? Having it handled by a committee in which there’s virtually two members for every program involved. Of course, this is entirely an unelected group of… CZARS! I mean, isn’t this something that our elected legislators should be doing in their committees rather than Kasich forming his own committee of unelected folks who aren’t accountable to anyone? I mean, they’re not even accountable to him. What can he do to them if he doesn’t like what they do? Kick them off this voluntary committee? Oh noes.

  • dmoore2222

    The “hate big government” is the biggest red herring ever. Look at all the politicians who benefit from it, not only when they’re in office, but also afterwards when they “consult” for companies that get huge government contracts or outright handouts.This is Kasich’s biography. He’s been the beneficiary of either state or federal government for most of his working life.

  • Good point, Brian! Doesn’t the GOP tend to throw around the word accountability, and the phrase “accountability to the tax payer?” Those concepts are completely missing when it comes to Kasich’s actions.

  • Exactly. And on that note, I love what Ohio Teacher of The Year, Maureen Reedy said about Kasich and his profligate spending habits…

  • This board is actually required by federal law (Workforce Investment Act of 1998). It’s interesting that he waited so long to comply with federal law. I also want to know why someone from CT is on Ohio’s board:According to the Governor’s office press release, “Gary S. Weinstein of Greenwich, CT will serve as a representative of the finance industry. Weinstein is COO of Providence Equity Partners where he is responsible for human resources, finance, investor relations, compliance and information technology.” Really? There’s no one in Ohio who could represent the finance industry? Is there a connection between Kasich and Providence Equity Partners?

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