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Laura Bischoff and Meagan Pant have a great piece in today’s Dayton Daily News that confirms the stories we broke about James Leftwich over the past two months, and adds some new information about Leftwich’s ties to the Kasich Administration and the Ohio Third Frontier Commission.

On October 2nd, we revealed that Kasich appointee James Leftwich was working for the Ohio Department of Development while running a private consulting company under contract with Wright State University (WSU), a recipient of Development funds.

On November 10th, we broke the news that Leftwich was making $20K per month from his contract with […]

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State Representative Andrew Brenner announced on Twitter this week that he plans to pass legislation in next year that would expand the ability of parents to “takeover” a school to all of Ohio.  Currently, this dramatic option is limited to implementation in the Columbus City School District through legislation Brenner helped adopt in 2011 (see Ohio Revised Code 3302.042).

We wrote about that legislation when it was initiated by the Ohio House back then, explaining how unlikely it is to ever take place as the requirements are necessarily strict in order to […]

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Let me start by saying I think Ohio should have chosen to run our own health insurance exchange, one of the options under the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).  As we reported earlier this week, the AFA offers three options: a state-run exchange, a federally-run exchange or a hybrid model which lets the federal government set up the exchange but allows the state to maintain some control and cover some of the costs.

Governor Kasich chose to adopt the hybrid approach in Ohio – which is certainly better than an outright refusal to participate like some other Republican Governors (e.g. […]

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Those were the final words of a key education reformer last week, yet they received no press when they occurred as part of a speech here in Ohio.  Consider for a moment the ramification of such a statement and the speaker:

To those of you who are parents, how would you respond if you were told this by your child’s teacher during a parent conference in response to concern’s about you son or daughter’s academic future?

If President Obama uttered such a phrase that spoke of imposing limits on the capability of our children, how would media and the public […]

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The obligatory Thanksgiving post!  When we think about what we’re thankful for here at PB, the first thing that comes to mind is you, our dear reader.  Our hardcore followers and fans, our casual readers, those who get here because we were linked at some national site, or mentioned on cable news.  Plunderbund has grown to a point where we are acutely aware that we got here because of the support of so many of our readers and fans.

We’re also thankful for a seriously talented stable of writers, both past and present.  Why else do those readers end up […]

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We’ve been mentioned on MSNBC before and before that we’re pretty sure shows used the site for material.  We were even a guest once on The Ed Show!

We just set a new record.  3 mentions on 2 shows back to back.  Our story about Jon Husted’s desire to re-allocate our Electoral College votes based on gerrymandered Congressional Districts got mentions on both Rachel Maddow on 11/20 and The Ed Show on 11/21.  Then Rachael turned around and made us part of her “what I’m Thankful for” segment!

Wow.  To say we’re proud and humbled would be an understatement.


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As we reported on Friday, JobsOhio has started running ads on Ohio television stations, aimed at Ohioans, touting Ohio’s economic accomplishments since Kasich took office.

Again, they don’t mention ALL of the jobs that were created in Ohio since the economy started turning around 13 months prior to Kasich taking office. And they don’t simply focus on the jobs created or retained under JobsOhio’s watch, which didn’t start until at least a year after Kasich took office.

Instead, they are only focused on the jobs that were created since the current Governor took office, and they are aimed at […]

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Paradoxically (and falsely), Ohio Republicans claim they are pushing a bill to block funding to Planned Parenthood because they want to expand healthcare options to women.

But they recently revealed a much more political — and therefore more likely — reason for taking up the legislation now, just days after their party was trounced among women up and down the ticket.

And that reason is good old-fashioned payback.

Check out this response from the Ohio Republican Party’s official Twitter account to a call to action from the Dems about the bill:

Sorry ladies for […]

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And on the 20th time, Mandel rested

On November 20, 2012 By

Now that the 2014 election campaigns have been under way since the moment that President Obama was declared the winner,  it seems reasonable to cast a glance at Josh Mandel  in his new on-site role as Ohio treasurer. Having spent so much of his time on the road  raising money and hell in a losing campaign for  U.S.  Senate, he says he is prepared to settle into  his  current office by running for reelection.  Maybe so.  But being impatient in his quest to extend his career to higher office, Josh can be expected to  be at least quietly casting about for […]

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Back in August we revealed Patrick Fischer, head of the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA), was eagerly hoping to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stratton.

Yesterday we found out Fisher, just as predicted, applied for the job.

Kasich will be appointing Stratton’s replacement, something Fischer obviously knew when he threw the full resources of his organization behind the effort to kill Issue 2,  the redistricting ballot measure that would have forced the drawing of fair and competitive legislative and congressional districts, possibly ending the Republican stranglehold on Ohio’s General Assembly and putting all of Kasich’s big plans at risk.

Julie Carr Smyth […]

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In the 2010 Ohio Governor’s race John Kasich ran one of those spooky-music political ads that claimed a vote for Ted Strickland guaranteed Barack Obama would carry Ohio in 2012. Viewers were told to “Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen” by voting for John Kasich.

As we now sadly know, enough people did vote to elect Kasich that year.  Fortunately, he failed to follow through on his “second Obama term” promise.  As a matter of fact, many people are now claiming Kasich actually CAUSED the Obama win in Ohio.   And they do have a point.

We were reporting […]

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