From the daily archives: Saturday, November 10, 2012

On the morning of October 2nd we revealed that James Leftwich, former head of the Ohio Department of Development, was running a private consulting company while working as an “economic development adviser to Governor John Kasich.”    New records obtained from Wright State University show that Leftwich was not only consulting for WSU while receiving a state salary, but that Leftwich may have used his connections at the state to secure and maintain those consulting contracts.  Emails also show Leftwich was working to secure state funding from Ohio’s Third Frontier program for his client, money that would be used to fund start up companies Leftwich […]

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Current vote counts show Democrats have guaranteed wins in 39 of Ohio’s 99 House districts – with two races still too close to call (Matt Patten and Joshua O’Farrell).   As JoinTheFuture points out, Democrats actually won the popular vote in Ohio’s House races by 56,000 votes and yet Republicans could end up winning in 60 of the 99 House districts.

You can blame last year’s Republican-controlled redistricting (read: gerrymandering) process in which 18 house districts were modified to make them much easier for Republicans to win, with 62 of the seats leaning over 50% Republican and many now leaning Republican by over 55%.


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A message to Ohio GOP: Just because you’ve gerrymandered everything in your favor doesn’t mean you have a mandate for extremism.  It looks like you’re at it again, though.

If elections have consequences you’d never know it by looking at the Ohio Republicans in control at The Statehouse.  Their party is just coming off a resounding loss in a presidential election where their party was unable to overcome negative messaging relative to women and women’s issues.  In Ohio, polls showed their candidate for President was viewed unfavorably by a majority of women in the state.  President Obama carried women voters by […]

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Republicans in the Ohio Legislature will again seek to remove Planned Parenthood as a recipient of state and federal funds that support family planning and basic health providers for women in Ohio.  Back in April, Gary Dougherty, State Legislative Director for Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio, wrote a Guest Post on the effect such cuts to will have on women.  Go back and read it; everything he said then remains true.

We suggested back in February that a bill to defund Planned Parenthood was unconstitutional.  Since then, bad news: a Federal Appeals Court in Texas reversed […]

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