Earlier this year Doug Preisse lead the effort to oust Kevin DeWine as head of the Ohio Republican Party.  The plan was to replace DeWine with a Kasich-friendly Chairman and Preisse was at the top of list.

News that Preisse, who currently leads the Franklin County Republican Party, was being considered did not sit well with small-town Republicans.  Sadly, the Ohio Republican Party just wasn’t ready for a guy like Doug to take the helm.

Instead, Kasich chose the previous chairman Bob Bennett to help calm the waters after quell the base.

Back in April, Preisse told the AP that Bennett would just be taking over temporarily giving “the state GOP time to find another chairman at the end of the year.” According to Preisse, Bennett has “indicated that he’s ready to assume and accept these leadership abilities”, but he is “not interested in a second, long-term career as chairman.”

Today Bob Bennett announced he will, in fact, be running for a new term.  And he does intend to stick around past the end of the year.

The Dispatch quotes key Kasich allies, including Preisse and Jo Anne Davidon – who was also on the original list to replace DeWine. Both seem to be gritting their teeth and smiling while trying to spin the info positively.

“He made it very clear when he came back in that he wasn’t looking for a long time situation”, says Davidson. “But I think the governor’s office is very pleased with the job he’s been doing.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the guy who just lost the presidential and senate race in Ohio.