Back in January Kasich announced a big initiative to “coordinate, align, and in some cases eliminate the state’s 77 worker training programs currently spread among 13 different government agencies.”  He brought in Rich Frederick to handle the job, which was supposed to include the creation of “a workforce data collection system as well as cross-agency performance measures”

Kasich even gave Frederick a shout out in his State of the State speech:  “here is what it is, this guy Rich Frederick that works for me, he is reporting directly to me. He is going to change the whole thing. We’re going to do metrics, how the community colleges, the technical schools — by the way, let’s bring vocational education back strong in our K-through-12 education, bring it back.”

Frederick resigned on October 19th, effective November 2nd.

Mark Kvamme, Kasich’s hand-picked California jobs guru, also resigned last month after the Supreme Court failed to rule on the constitutionality of the Kasich administration’s funding scheme.  Kvamme’s resignation came the same day Plunderbund revealed that James Leftwich, the former Director who replaced Kvamme at the Department of Development, had been privately consulting for a recipient of Development funds while still on the Development payroll.

Leftwich resigned from Development three days after our post.