From the daily archives: Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Ohio Inspector General’s Office released a report this week that attempts to clear members of Kasich’s staff of accusations that arose during Kasich’s battle with Kevin DeWine for control of the Ohio Republican Party. The very narrowly focused investigation excludes many important source of information that are vital to understanding the facts in this case, while focusing exclusively on Governor’s Office regional liaisons Sherri Carbo, Nicholas Gatz and Nicole Kostura and the hours they spent helping to get Kasich’s candidates on the ballot for Central Committee.

The IG’s office concluded they could find no evidence the three Kasich […]

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Laura Bischoff and Meagan Pant have a great piece in today’s Dayton Daily News that confirms the stories we broke about James Leftwich over the past two months, and adds some new information about Leftwich’s ties to the Kasich Administration and the Ohio Third Frontier Commission.

On October 2nd, we revealed that Kasich appointee James Leftwich was working for the Ohio Department of Development while running a private consulting company under contract with Wright State University (WSU), a recipient of Development funds.

On November 10th, we broke the news that Leftwich was making $20K per month from his contract with […]

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