Last month we found out Diebold would not be building a new Corporate Headquarters despite receiving tax incentives from the Kasich Administration for exactly that purpose.   The massive package of $55 million in tax incentives was touted as one of Kasich’s crowning economic development achievements.  Master negotiator John agreed to give them everything they wanted, and all Diebold had to do in return was construct their new HQ campus and agree not to lay off more than 20% of its Ohio workforce.   The company failed to do both.

This week,  Kasich saw another jewel of his economic development crown get tarnished.  American Greetings received a whopping  $93.5 million in State incentives to move their headquarters from Brooklyn Ohio to Westlake.   Shortly after the incentives were announced, the company proceeded to lay off workers and give CEO Zev Weiss a big raise.   This week American Greetings announced it too would be delaying the construction of its new headquarters because the CEO and his family members are trying to buy the public company and make it private.

As of this morning, JobsOhio still hasn’t pulled down the ad with Weiss praising Kasich for his economic development assistance.