From the daily archives: Thursday, November 1, 2012

There aren’t many sure bets in today’s crazily wired society. Oh, you can always count on your checkbook being six  cents off the mark;  or a long distance telephone call when you are in the shower; or a broken shoelace when you are late for a meeting.  All part of life’s annoyances.
Finally, we can always count on a delirious preacher  to rush forward  to blame a natural disaster like Sandy on gays, which is profoundly annoying.

For today’s sermon on hate in America, I refer to  the Rev. John McTernan, a Pennsylvania preacher who wants you to know that […]

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One of the hardest hitting ads we’ve seen this cycle is up and running in Ohio, pounding Jim Renacci for his out of step views on science and healthcare:

By a wide margin, Americans support stem cell research, with 62 percent in favor in a recent survey.

Polls in the race against Betty Sutton for Ohio’s 16th have been nearly tied for months. Earlier this year Renacci was forced to give back tainted donations from Benjamin Suarez and his employees, his largest group of contributors this cycle and he recently admitted he was cancelling all […]

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In the closing days of the race and desperate for a win, Mitt Romney tried to throw a long pass, aiming at undercutting Obama’s advantage among Ohio’s white working class voters.

In poll after poll, Romney is failing to close the gap in Ohio, in part because the President is polling better among white, non-college educated men in Ohio than in other battleground states. That white, working class support for is attributed to his work to save the auto industry, tied to 1 in 8 Ohio jobs. Polls show Ohio voters overwhelmingly support the auto rescue.


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Democratic State Reps Matt Lundy and Ron Gerberry have introduced a bill (HB 602) to stop Republican Legislators and Kasich appointees from implementing the Governor’s plan to lease the Ohio Turnpike.

The bill would:

eliminate all authority granted to the Director of Budget and Management and the Director of Transportation … pertaining to a purchase and sale agreement, lease, service agreement, franchise agreement, concession agreement, or other written agreement with respect to the operation or maintenance of the Ohio Turnpike, and to restore to the Ohio Turnpike Commission the full exercise of all powers granted to the Commission […]

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