From the daily archives: Monday, November 26, 2012

14 votes.

That’s how close Democrats are to avoiding something just shy of the worst-case-scenario in the Ohio statehouse.

Republicans currently control the 99-member Ohio House of Representatives with a 59 member majority. That’s plenty to pass legislation into law, as we’ve seen since 2010. But if the GOP had 60 votes, their powers increase.

With a 60-vote “super majority,” legislative Republicans add to their powers in two key ways:

1. With 60 votes, the GOP can unilaterally put measures on the ballot. Typically, because of the 60-vote requirement, measures placed on the ballot legislatively are popular, bipartisan proposals like […]

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The deadline is quickly approaching for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted to certify the final vote counts of the 2012 election, and while the extra votes won’t have an impact on the big races like President Obama and Senator Brown, it could impact some down-ticket races including two important state house races  – Matt Patten and Joshua O’Farrell – that will determine if Republicans gain a super majority in the Ohio House.

Not unexpectedly, Jon Husted continues to do everything in his power to prevent potential Democratic votes from being counted in these, and is likely breaking federal law in […]

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