From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Paradoxically (and falsely), Ohio Republicans claim they are pushing a bill to block funding to Planned Parenthood because they want to expand healthcare options to women.

But they recently revealed a much more political — and therefore more likely — reason for taking up the legislation now, just days after their party was trounced among women up and down the ticket.

And that reason is good old-fashioned payback.

Check out this response from the Ohio Republican Party’s official Twitter account to a call to action from the Dems about the bill:

Sorry ladies for […]

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And on the 20th time, Mandel rested

On November 20, 2012 By

Now that the 2014 election campaigns have been under way since the moment that President Obama was declared the winner,  it seems reasonable to cast a glance at Josh Mandel  in his new on-site role as Ohio treasurer. Having spent so much of his time on the road  raising money and hell in a losing campaign for  U.S.  Senate, he says he is prepared to settle into  his  current office by running for reelection.  Maybe so.  But being impatient in his quest to extend his career to higher office, Josh can be expected to  be at least quietly casting about for […]

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