From the daily archives: Friday, November 9, 2012

Blessed be are the job creators.

Aging, coal-fired CEO Bob Murray of Murray Energy is in the news today with another jaw dropper.  You’ll remember Bob giving a crazy assed rant against President Obama at our own Governor Kasich’s “21st Century Energy & Economic Development Summit”.  The irony of a coal CEO being invited to something with such a title was not lost on us.

You’ll also remember Bob’s company as the place where Josh Mandel faked a southern accent.  This was the same event where some employees alleged they were quietly forced to attend and become […]

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Back in January Kasich announced a big initiative to “coordinate, align, and in some cases eliminate the state’s 77 worker training programs currently spread among 13 different government agencies.”  He brought in Rich Frederick to handle the job, which was supposed to include the creation of “a workforce data collection system as well as cross-agency performance measures”

Kasich even gave Frederick a shout out in his State of the State speech:  “here is what it is, this guy Rich Frederick that works for me, he is reporting directly to me. He is going to change the whole thing. We’re going to […]

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Where did the Republicans lose the 2012 election?  The same place they always counted on winning.  Southwest Ohio.

If you want to understand the challenges facing the Ohio Republican Party going forward you need to understand what is going on in Southwest Ohio.  And if you are a Democrat who wants to keep winning elections, you need to understand how the smart Republicans are looking at this election in order to anticipate the new strategy.

The arithmetic in Ohio elections is really pretty simple.  The Democratic Advantage in Cuyahoga County has grown to a little over about 236,000 votes.  In […]

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Ohio’s Republicans just released the agenda for next week’s Senate Health, Human Services and Aging Committee hearings.  Alongside bills about head injuries in youth sports and licensing for Pediatric respite care programs, you’ll find the ridiculous , reincarnated  “Human cloning/ Animal Hybridization” bill (SB94) sponsored, of course, by  Kris Jordan.

I seriously thought Republican party leaders would have driven Jordan out after his run in with the law, just like they did with Mecklenbourg and Martin.

But I suppose they need someone around with nothing left to loose who can sponsor bills to defund Planned Parenthood, cast the only vote against a bill protecting children from bullying and, […]

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