From the daily archives: Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tuesday’s election results send a very clear signal that voters are not interested in electing extremist candidates who are hostile to women. And, as Rachel Maddow tallies it, all nine members of what she’s endearingly called the “rape caucus” lost their races.

In a year that was dominated by the politics of contraception and abortion, women sided with Democratic candidates who held that such choices should be left to a woman and her doctor. Obama won by 11 points among women while he lost by 7 among men — an 18 point gender gap that far exceeds the […]

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GOP Project ORCA = Fail Whale

On November 8, 2012 By

The Mitt Romney campaign had a big idea this cycle that was supposed change the way GOTV works on election day. They called it Project ORCA. According to John Ekdah at Ace of Spades HQ, Republican volunteers were told it was “the Republican Party‚Äôs newest, unprecedented and most technologically advanced plan to win the 2012 presidential election” and it involved automating strike lists on election day.

Volunteers were supposed to be deployed to the polls with the ORCA app on their phones to check off names as people showed up to vote. The information would be sent to the national […]

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Today, at the Impact Ohio conference, Jon Husted said something incredibly newsworthy that we haven’t seen reported anywhere.

Defending his performance managing Ohio’s election, Husted argued that because of the high stakes involved with being an electoral vote-rich swing state, Ohio’s elections chief is always scrutinized and criticized. (Funny, we don’t remember that happening in 2008, but that’s beside the point).

Husted’s solution to this perceived problem of Democrats and the national media picking on him? He says we should make Ohio less important in the election by dividing up our electoral votes by Congressional district.

This is huge […]

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Even in politics, the sun also rises

On November 8, 2012 By

Well, the news we’ve all been waiting for in the post-election dialysis arrived today via the Plain Dealer, which quoted Josh Mandel as saying he would run for reelection as Ohio Treasurer unless, I would add, something better comes along.

Who knew? After all, despite his defeat at the hands of Sen. Sherrod Brown on Tuesday, the Cleveland-area Whiz Kid is only 35 and has the potential of least 20 more campaigns. That’s not to say that the national right-wing sponsors that clogged radio and TV stations with more that $31 million in virulent ads against Brown will still be […]

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