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Reports continue to surface that call into question Josh Mandel’s willingness to do the job he was elected by Ohioans to do. As we reported last week Josh Mandel has a problem showing up to Board of Deposits meetings since being elected Treasurer in 2010. By ‘problem’ I mean not once has he made it to one of the monthly Board of Deposits meetings since taking office in 2010. He is O for 14.

Why hasn’t Mandel made it to a single Board of Deposits meeting yet? Well, that’s the thing, no one can figure out why. What we […]

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Ohio Republicans must believe that there is not enough work for lawyers.  How else to explain passing a bill that almost certainly won’t withstand a court challenge?

Yesterday, hearings were scheduled on a bill ( HB298) in the Ohio Legislature to strip funding from Planned Parenthood.  According to news reports, the “bill re-prioritizes how federal funding for family-planning services is distributed by the state. Money must first be made available to public clinics, then private entities that provide comprehensive primary- and preventative-care services in addition to family-planning services, and finally to groups like Planned Parenthood. Such a pecking order […]

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With the economy improving, troops coming home from Iraq, unemployment dropping and President Obama’s poll numbers improving, Republicans are desperately looking for something – ANYTHING – to pin on the president, and they’re going back to their playbook from 2008: President Obama is a secret Muslim who wants to take away your bibles and force you to have premarital sex with government-funded condoms.

It’s no surprise hearing this type of rhetoric coming from a wackjob like Santorum, who has all but promised to replace the US Constitution and hundreds of years of case law with selected, out-of-context passages from The […]

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Eric wrote the other day about Attorney General Mike DeWine joining six other states in a lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration’s rules on contraceptive coverage in health insurance plans.

Eric noted:  “The compromise is a good one and seems to be pretty air tight in terms of any Constitutional requirements, but I’ll leave that to the lawyers to discuss.”

So . . .  let me put on my lawyer hat and discuss.

The lawsuit is available from the Nebraska Attorney General here.  The Complaint (¶ 77) alleges that the Obama Administration’s Rule “represents an unprecedented encroachment on the […]

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Senate Bill 201, like it’s counterpart in the House, HB 298, is specifically designed to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio. Kris Jordan, avid defender of women’s rights, sponsored the bill in the Senate. Kristina Roegner and Cliff Rosenberger sponsored the House version, which has been schedule for hearings on Tuesday.

Before the bill was even introduced, Jordan and Roegner were out drumming up support with their fellow legislators and with anti-abortion groups. Gongwer reports that Jordan, looking for cosponsors for the bill, sent a letter to other State Senators specifically saying the bill would “defund entities that […]

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The War on Women: Ohio Edition

On February 26, 2012 By

It’s been a crazy month if you’re a woman in America.

In January, our presidential candidates were talking about moon colonies and how they liked to fire people. In Ohio, all the talk was about earthquakes caused by injecting toxic fracking waste deep underground.

Then something strange happened. Susan G. Komen announced it was defunding Planned Parenthood, launching a national debate about contraception and women’s health (and ending in a PR disaster for Komen).

Next, religious-affiliated employers complained about an Obama administration rule (implementing a provision of health care reform) requiring employee health plans to cover contraception.

By the end […]

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post questioning the voting record of a candidate for the 21st Ohio House District, David Robinson.  Robinson is Sr Vice President of Marcy Enterprises and has gained many supporters in his past couple campaigns to get elected, including his most recent loss, a narrow defeat to Worthington resident Mike Duffey, the Republican incumbent for the position in this year’s general election.

Not surprisingly, there were some who did not care for my post, most notably supporters of Robinson (gasp, right?).  Perhaps the most awkward feedback came from Plunderbund founder and fellow blogger, Eric, […]

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John Kasich gave a speech at the Highway Patrol Academy announcing a couple of law enforcement initiatives.  The Dispatch obliged with a positive headline:  “State takes aim at drug trafficking.”

According to a longer article in the Dispatch, Kasich is pushing two new law enforcement initiatives:  (1) a new law making it a felony to own a vehicle with concealed compartments; and (2) “severe warning signs” on highways to deter drug dealers.

Both ideas are nuts and are unlikely to remove any illegal drugs from the streets.

The law making it a felony to own a vehicle with […]

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John Kasich and Mary Taylor kicked off their campaign for the Governor’s office in January of 2010 making promises. Lots of promises. Crazy promises. Promises that a lot of us said could never be kept. Promises that are now, not surprisingly, being broken.

A lot of people said Kasich was just full of crap and intentionally lying. But I never believed that was the case. Instead, I’m sticking to my belief that he just had no clue what he was talking about. And, to this day, that still seems like a fairly accurate assessment.

Kasich spent a great deal of […]

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When I posted about the primary in Columbus, in which a veritable Who’s Who of local Democrats are going after a district designed as a liberal quarantine by the GOP, the immediate reaction of many was “Why aren’t you posting about Marcy Kaptur vs. Dennis Kucinich?”

Well… there are plenty of places to read about the “animated,” “increasingly tense,” “increasingly bitter” “war” between two candidates who have typically been allies. People have been vocal about whom they support. In short, I thought posting about the 3rd […]

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Congratulations are in order to Kasich pal David Brennan and his White Hat Management company for being awarded two more charter schools by the Ohio Department of Education despite the worst list of accomplishments we may have ever seen. And with these additional schools, it is likely that White Hat schools will top $1 billion in revenue in Ohio.

And, of course, our deepest condolences to idealistic charter school entities like the Fordham Foundation who can’t keep David Brennan and his negative actions and failing schools out of the forefront of the media.  In fact, it’s more likely to be […]

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