From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[UPDATED 9:34 pm – added information about O’Connor Campaign’s Press Release]

If I could nominate a phrase for this year’s campaigns in Ohio, my 2nd choice would be “Talk is cheap.”  As vocal supporters of teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other organized labor unions over the past year, my friends and I felt the depth of that phrase often and on many different levels.  While I spent the majority of my time in front of a computer screen reading and writing, I know literally hundreds of people who first collected signatures, then went door-to-door to encourage Ohio residents to oppose […]

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In September 2010, then-candidate John Kasich promised to “Get the lobbyists and the special interests snouts out of the trough” if he were elected Governor. Ohioans did – by a very small margin – elect Governor Kasich but he’s done a pretty poor job of sticking to his word. Of all the promises Kasich made during the campaign, this is the one that seems to be broken the most often.

Today we found out that another lobbyist with deep Republican roots is getting a high-paying job with the state. This time it’s the Turnpike, where Kasich is busy stacking […]

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We wrote a few weeks back about Inspector General Randy Meyer and the surprising shortage of investigations coming out of his office.

We also discussed his attendance at a GOP fundraiser and his hiring of Carl Enslen, the son-in-law of Kasich’s close advisor Jo Ann Davidson, as Deputy Inspector General. All of these events seem to show that Meyer, despite the non-partisan requirements of his office, is more concerned with politics and pleasing the guy who appointed him (John Kasich) than with carrying out the duties of his office in a non-partisan fashion.

Recent evidence seems to provide […]

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