From the daily archives: Friday, February 10, 2012

If you watched Kasich’s State of the State speech on Tuesday you likely noticed, among the references to blue tongued cows and hot wives and wackadoodles from California, a short but loud outbreak of protests when the Governor discussed his plans for the expansion of fracking and fracking-related industry in the state.

While I personally may have chosen a different method for raising awareness of the dangers associated with the explosion of oil and gas exploration in the state, I have to say I did admire the enthusiasm and drive of the protesters, and I was more than a […]

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Always wanted to talk like a Columbus political insider? Well now you can!

A friend of the blog recently sent us this lexicon of Ohio political speak.  Enjoy…


William Safire publishes a periodic political dictionary that highlights words and phrases added to the lexicon and inspired by politics.

Watergate – or anything ending in “gate” — has become shorthand for scandal.

Camelot describes the Kennedy administration. Celestials are those brought into politics by Dick Celeste. Blackwellian is reserved for matters of, or pertaining, to the policies promoted by Ken Blackwell, especially illogical attacks on gays and lesbians and nonsensical […]

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