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The War on Women: Ohio Edition

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It’s been a crazy month if you’re a woman in America.

In January, our presidential candidates were talking about moon colonies and how they liked to fire people. In Ohio, all the talk was about earthquakes caused by injecting toxic fracking waste deep underground.

Then something strange happened. Susan G. Komen announced it was defunding Planned Parenthood, launching a national debate about contraception and women’s health (and ending in a PR disaster for Komen).

Next, religious-affiliated employers complained about an Obama administration rule (implementing a provision of health care reform) requiring employee health plans to cover contraception.

By the end […]

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post questioning the voting record of a candidate for the 21st Ohio House District, David Robinson.  Robinson is Sr Vice President of Marcy Enterprises and has gained many supporters in his past couple campaigns to get elected, including his most recent loss, a narrow defeat to Worthington resident Mike Duffey, the Republican incumbent for the position in this year’s general election.

Not surprisingly, there were some who did not care for my post, most notably supporters of Robinson (gasp, right?).  Perhaps the most awkward feedback came from Plunderbund founder and fellow blogger, Eric, […]

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