From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tomorrow the Ohio Board of Deposits is holding its monthly meeting in Columbus and if the past 13 months are any evidence you should probably not bet on Ohio’s absentee Treasurer Josh Mandel attending. Since being elected as Ohio’s Treasurer, Mandel has attended exactly zero board meetings. He seems to care so little for this portion of the job that, according to The Toledo Blade, Mandel didn’t attend the meeting in January because of a $500 a plate fundraiser he was holding in D.C. for his Senate campaign.

Granted, the Board of Deposits meetings are not the most riveting […]

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Back in October, County Engineers and officials from ODOT District 11, along with representatives from the Oil and Gas industry, started developing a standardized “Road Use and Maintenance Agreement” or RUMA. The goal was to produce a template agreement to be signed by drillers and local officials that would guarantee the oil and gas companies help in maintaining any roads that might be damaged by the excessive truck traffic related to fracking operations.

From the beginning, the intention was require the RUMA to be signed and in place BEFORE a permit for a new horizontal fracking permit would be […]

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