From the daily archives: Friday, February 3, 2012

As we enter a weekend before the Governor’s State of the State next Tuesday, I can’t help but wonder what’s in store that is going to give the House Republicans something they can run on for re-election this November.  I mean, let’s recap what the last litany  of policy proposals Kasich had in his last State of the State added to the Ohio House Republican’s re-election effort:

A “Jobs Budget” that since it’s been enacted has seen a net loss of jobs in Ohio. A privatized JobsOhio program that is not much beyond the same planning/formation it was a year […]

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As promised, Public Policy Polling (PPP) released its latest poll on the U.S. Senate race this year in Ohio.

PPP has Sherrod Brown’s approval rating lower than what we’ve seen in Quinnipiac with 42% approval to 34% disapproval (Quinnipiac had Brown at 47% approval.) It also shows him underwater with independents at 37%/44% (Quinnipiac had Brown above water with Independents at 46%34%.)

Both still show Sherrod Brown with an 11-15 point lead over Josh Mandel.   The most recent poll, PPP, shows Brown leading 47%-36%, with a five-point lead with independents.  Mandel’s numbers will improve once he […]

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Back in August, Speaker Boehner had Ohio Governor John Kasich deliver the Republican response to the President’s weekly radio address under the theme that Washington needed to model what Kasich was doing in Ohio to get the economy going again.

Yes, we know the $8 billion deficit claim is totally false.  We’ve covered that extensively that total political fiction.  But also, note that Kasich’s praising his Jobs’ budget just a couple of months after it was enacted. 

It was a poor time to have Kasich be held as the Republican model for economic growth.  A few weeks […]

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