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Pull up a chair kids.  It’s time for a lesson in political optics 101.

After touting a SOLD OUT event and your having to move it to a larger venue, what do you do:

A.  Relocate the event to a venue that you cannot possibly fill?

B.  Get caught trying to stagecraft the bad news away

C.  Have a photo come out that is utterly embarrassing (or two)

D.  Pick a venue that is associated with a vulnerable position you’ve held

E.  None of the above

If you picked […]

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Today The Columbus Dispatch/Reuters is reporting that Attorney General Mike Dewine has joined Attorneys General from Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Catholic groups, and two Catholic individuals to enter Ohio into a lawsuit challenging the recent rule that shifts the requirement for free contraceptives and family planning onto insurers.  This move was made to appease Catholic groups originally upset that they would have to directly provide such services, which they consider counter to their religious beliefs.

Originally the requirement to provide contraceptives as part of health insurance coverage was required of any group or employer providing […]

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We are now less than two weeks out from primary day here in Ohio, and with incumbents Obama and Sherrod Brown running in the top-ticket races, there’s been little drama for Dems to participate in.

Unless you live in Columbus.*

I’m actually kind of amazed that this blockbuster battle has generated so little heat and so little light. For Pete’s sake, this is a Democratic primary in which an African American woman who has been elected multiple times to city council for the largest city in Ohio, in a district with a sizable African-American population, could come in fourth.

We […]

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The Republican primary process thus far has been a boon to those of us who want to see Barack Obama elected to a second term.  By boon, I mean about as well as it could go absent a Sarah Palin veep pick type calamity.  In fact, that is what is happening.  The GOP appears to be in a struggle with itself and may again hand an election to Barack Obama.

The latest TPM poll average shows Romney falling below 40% against Obama:

Given that Santorum seems to be fading fast after last night’s debate, it looks like […]

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Tomorrow the Ohio Board of Deposits is holding its monthly meeting in Columbus and if the past 13 months are any evidence you should probably not bet on Ohio’s absentee Treasurer Josh Mandel attending. Since being elected as Ohio’s Treasurer, Mandel has attended exactly zero board meetings. He seems to care so little for this portion of the job that, according to The Toledo Blade, Mandel didn’t attend the meeting in January because of a $500 a plate fundraiser he was holding in D.C. for his Senate campaign.

Granted, the Board of Deposits meetings are not the most riveting […]

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Back in October, County Engineers and officials from ODOT District 11, along with representatives from the Oil and Gas industry, started developing a standardized “Road Use and Maintenance Agreement” or RUMA. The goal was to produce a template agreement to be signed by drillers and local officials that would guarantee the oil and gas companies help in maintaining any roads that might be damaged by the excessive truck traffic related to fracking operations.

From the beginning, the intention was require the RUMA to be signed and in place BEFORE a permit for a new horizontal fracking permit would be […]

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Few would argue the fact that Sugardaddy’s has the best brownies in central Ohio. Some have said they are “the best brownies in the nation.”

Food Network named Sugardaddy’s “Best of the Best” and they were featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay, where co-founders Mark Ballard and Tom Finney went head-to-head with the celebrity chef, ultimately defeating him with their Tahitian Blondie.

If you’ve ever had one of their heavenly desserts, you certainly know what all the fuss is about. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you do – as soon as possible.

Producing this type of quality product […]

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The Marcus Garvey Academy, a Cleveland charter school already slated to close at the end of this school year, instead closed its doors today, February 20.  The closure leaves approximately 100 students without a school with a little more than half of the school year remaining.  These young students lives will be disrupted just a few months before they were scheduled to take the state’s standardized tests to measure the school’s impact on their educational progress.

This is so weird, isn’t it?  I mean, I thought public schools had a responsibility to offer a free education to residents. […]

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When it comes to Fracking in Ohio, no one, in my opinion, has covered the topic better than Karl Henkel of the Youngstown Vindicator.

It’s not a simple issue and most people – including reporters in Ohio and nationally – have a very limited understanding of the process and the players. Henkel has shown, on multiple occasions, that he is willing to put in the time to understand the details, as well as the macro-aspects of the topic, and he’s willing to dig through the data to provide his readers with unique insights that we haven’t seen anywhere else.


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[Full disclosure: I’m a long time friend of David’s wife Lorraine and have known David for several years. I attended their wedding.]

Sometimes talk is cheap. Sometimes posts are weak.

Last week Greg wrote a piece taking David Robinson, Democratic candidate for Ohio House in the 21st District, to task for allegedly not voting in the past election to help stop Issue 2 (SB5). The post was fueled by a press release attacking Robinson for this very thing.

Let me start by saying I don’t know Donna personally or politically, but based on Greg’s earlier post […]

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This morning, GOP Presidential front-runner Rick Santorum expanded the right’s war on women into a war on families. On Face the Nation, Santorum announced that he opposes paying for prenatal testing during pregnancy because, in his words, “the customary procedure is to encourage abortions” among fetuses found to be “disabled.”

Holy cow, where should we even start with that?

I’ve personally had two high-risk pregnancies thanks to what is affectionately referred to as my “advanced maternal age.” I underwent screening (not testing, I’ll explain the difference later) for genetic problems. Before you can even get the screening you […]

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