We’ve been sitting on this video for weeks now and I wasn’t sure if I was going to post it at all.

I went through a great deal of deliberation and discussion over this decision, but one of the most persuasive and powerful arguments I received in favor of posting it came from Bonnie B., who reviewed the video and provided this analysis:

Melissa Jordan is clearly in danger. I don’t think she fully realizes it, yet, and she is minimizing it.

Do you see the tragedy in just her statement about being a Christian and thinking divorce is a bad thing?

She had tearfully stated earlier that her husband keeps her “under his thumb” – and religious right-wing nuts of the male persuasion think a woman’s place is to be totally subservient. I was taken aback when she said that HE had threatened HER with divorce, if she ever did anything about his abuse. So sad. So scary.

Kris has isolated her – that is an abuser’s most powerful tool – and she doesn’t even realize it. You don’t see it happening when you are in her situation, and once you are isolated, the abuser will break your spirit and try to weaken you by means of financial, social and cultural (religious) means.

I’ll warn you in advance: this video is tough to watch. Especially if you’ve already watched Kris Jordan’s discussions with Deputies that occurred at the same time inside their home.

In that video, Kris is offering the officers “diet soda” and claiming his wife just overreacted because, you know, “girls do that”, while his wife is outside crying and upset and trying to figure out how she ended up in her current situation and how she’s going to get out of it.

I find it difficult to understand how the Delaware City Prosecutor’s office watched the whole video of Melissa Jordan and didn’t think charges needed to be filed against Kris. I think most people, after viewing this video and hearing, in Melissa Jordan’s own words, about the years of abuse and violence, will come to the conclusion that some sort of intervention is desperately needed in the Jordan house.

According to Melissa, “This is not new, he’s done this numerous times” but she’s been too “scared to do this for three years.” “It’s easy to keep me under your thumb when you do that because I’m too scared to call. But I’m sick of being too scared to call.”

She also talks about his violent outbursts: “I can’t tell you how many things he’s busted and broken.. destroying things in fits of anger” and she worries that when the officers leave “he’s going to break my phone.”

About 2 years ago it started getting “violent and physical”, she says. “He started pushing me” and “it’s getting stronger” and “he has bruised me in the past.”

The Deputy interviewing Mrs. Jordan provides her with some remarkably good advice: “There’s no reason to be in a relationship to be scared.” He also talks about his experience with other cases: “I can tell you from experience that things aren’t going to change – the physical violence will continue – without ‘some sort of divine intervention'”

I think we all hope Melissa takes the officer’s advice.

  • luv2teach

    I could only watch about 2 minutes of this. It is like a bad reality show. I know exactly how she feels and just want to reach out to her and tell her to LEAVE. There IS life after a relationship like this. You feel so empowered when you finally tell him to GET OUT of your life. I will be praying for strength for her to finally make the move. 

  • Colred

    My heart aches for her.

  • Annekarina

    Is he still an Ohio rep ?  I hope batch isn’t as afraid of him as his wife is.  Poor thing.  No one can help her if she hasn’t taken more than this step.  Yes, she has taken this step but if she values her life, she has got to take more than tiny steps.

  • Hungry Coyote

    I think you made the right choice by posting this. However, there is nothing anyone can do for her, she has to make the decision to continue living with a man who displays sociopathic tendencys when he drinks or she can take steps to prevent his behavior from further harming her physically and emotionally. What we can do is insist that Ohio’s Republican leadership ask Kris Jordan to step down from public service. He lacks the maturity and the moral fiber I expect from a public servant. However, I doubt that Kasich and the rest of the boys down in the State House embrace that concept unless they are pressed when seeking reelection. The last thing I will mention is that this guy has alcoholic written all over him. Alcoholism is a progressive disease and in her own words she confirms that his behavior is getting worse. This is a small jackpot, but there will be more and the payouts will keep getting bigger. Unless he gets real help we’ll be hearing more from Mr. Jordan.

  • Seriously, people of Ohio, we need to kick Kris Jordan out of Our House in Columbus.

    Write to your local newspapers,  your representatives, Gov. Kasich, and Senate President  Tom Niehaus, and then share this post with everyone you know – encourage them to do the same.  Domestic violence must never be tolerated.

  • Annekarina

    But HC, it is extremely frightening what we will be hearing if she doesn’t get the courage to leave.  The rest remains unsaid…

  • By the way, Joseph, I commend you and Plunderbund for your thoughtful deliberation about, whether or not to post, this difficult to watch video. And, I applaud you, for having the courage, and ultimate strength of character, to shine a light on the dark of domestic violence by posting it.

    ” Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another into the light.” 
    ~ Norman B. Rice 

  • Hungry Coyote

    I agree, and as I stated, I’m not optimistic about the long term prospects of her situation. But what can anyone do? All we can do is suggest. I suggest she go talk to a counsler and get some tools to deal with this problem. His duplicity with the police suggests sociopathic tendencies and I would wager that alcohol triggers these episodes. His actions sure don’t suggest a familiarity with coping with problems in a mature manner. Normal men don’t chase their wife around the house with a gun.

  • I don’t know what we can do to help her. She does need help. It will get worse. What happens when the Ohio people make it known that we do not want this kind of person to help govern our state. H e will blame her and who knows what he is capable of doing and will do when it comes to this.

  • Anastasjoy

    Didn’t she say she had family in Iowa? She should pack her car and head straight for Iowa.

  • Annekarina

    This situation is just too sad and filled with horror for words.  It is something that ought not to be happening and the reality that it is happening in the halls of our legislature is unthinkable.  What is wrong with our society?

  • I’ve been reading the comments, and on the issue of Kris Jordan remaining in office,  I believe all agree that he should not. What can we do? Share this article everywhere you can. Write those letters, make those phone calls, send those emails to your reps and to the RNC. Don’t be silent.

    Melissa’s situation is sad and dangerous. And I hope she finds the strength to leave, if she wants to.  I do believe, however, that because of Kris’ high profile position as a State senator (and her own as Delaware County Recorder) that she is in a better place, than other victims of domestic violence. Kris is being watched by all of Ohio and he knows it – that will make him much less likely to act out. Abusers can and will control themselves when it means they might get their a@@ handed to them, if they don’t. 

    BTW, October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

  • Anonymous

    I DID write a letter which was printed in the Olentangy Valley News – people in Powell read it because it’s a hometown paper and it’s where Kris J. lives.  My point was that the Republican leadership in Ohio and Delaware County has been totally silent and they needed to speak up.  Jordan raises a lot of money, so I suppose that is their excuse, but their silence is a tacit endorsement of this psychopathic monster.

  • You are so spot on: “…their silence is a tacit endorsement of this psychopathic monster.”

    I hope the broader media picks up on this and reports it. That would put some pressure on Ohio Republicans to throw Kris, rather than Melissa, under the bus that Kasich likes to talk about.

  • thanks a lot for the psot! i lreally liked it!

  • David from Ohio

    I think Robert Loggia’s closing line from the film JAGGED EDGE applies here:

    “Fuck him, he’s trash.”

  • I have to concur there’s a history that’s going to catch up with her sooner rather than later. He seriously has some control issues, when he feels he’s losing all control he will take it out over and over again. I’ve dealt with many a domestic as a police officer, this is something I’ve seen over and over again, and I had the edge on the male officers because I was a woman and could do the talking. The last case of domestic violence I was on, was a murder scene after the husband stabbed her 22 times in front of their children after years of occurrences of physical and mental abuse, and his stalking of her even after a protection order was issued a year prior.

  • dlw

    I applaud you guys for how you’ve dealt with this from the
    beginning. In the hands of the mainstream media, such stories all too often are
    about the shock factor and are reported on as though this is just the day’s hot
    gossip. You guys here at PB haven’t done that. You’ve focused on the
    seriousness of this woman’s situation and the danger she is most likely in. And
    you’ve taken the opportunity to do a little educating on domestic violence.


    Posting this video, discussing it here, sharing it with
    others, writing our letters… this is why we do it:


    “The only thing necessary for the triumph
    of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (By Burke or whoever, since no one
    can seem to quite nail that down.)

  • dlw

    Yikes! Sorry for that weirdo formatting. Dunno what happened!

  • fixed it. 😉

  • dlw

    Thank you!!

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