From the daily archives: Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Ohio Republican party sees the writing on the wall and want to compromise on SB 5 now. As my cohorts have done an amazing job outlining all this week, it seems that fat cats high up in the Republican party see the looming disaster with the SB 5 repeal efforts and the impact it will have through 2012. Not only do these calls to negotiate call into question the party’s confidence in the Building a Better Ohio campaign, but they also highlight the hypocrisy we have seen over the last 8 months.

These calls for negotiating clearly show […]

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Thursday must have been a depressing day for John Kasich.

U.S. News and World Report came out with a list of the ten most “buzzed-about” prospects for the GOP vice presidential nomination, a list that includes several women and hispanics, and even one name from Ohio – but sadly, it’s not Kasich’s.

John Kasich doesn’t even top the list of white guys from Ohio with federal budget experience in the vice presidential beauty contest. That honor goes to Senator Portman, who US News ranks #7 on the list. Portman’s had a good week, being named to the 12-member deficit […]

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Weird version of poker

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Kasich and the Republicans picked this fight, not organized labor.  The Republicans declared that the Democrats couldn’t stop it.  They could pass whatever they wanted.  That is what happened.  Anyone who suggests that the Republicans wanted this to be bipartisan all along is lying.  It wasn’t bipartisan when they pulled Seitz off the committee to pass the bill out.  Or when they twisted all the arms of LaRose and others to get the bill passed.  Then, they let the House Republicans lurch the bill further to the right.  And because Kasich imposed a timeline for passage, they let the House […]

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Last night, the Columbus Dispatch confirmed just about every aspect of our own coverage of the attempt of “Building a Better Ohio” to surrender and attempt to reach a deal on a version SB 5 could live with.  The only aspect of the coverage it continues to refuse to recognize, of course, is former Dispatch COO/Associate Publisher Mike Curtin’s role in attempt these talks.

Here’s what the Dispatch has finally confirmed:

Sources said that in June, Ohio Education Association vice president William Leibensperger and AFL-CIO president Tim Burga met at least twice with former Republican Ohio […]

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