From the daily archives: Friday, August 5, 2011

So much for that structurally balanced budget Kasich’s been talking about.  From Gongwer:

Ohio’s coffers started the first month of the new fiscal year slightly in the red compared to state analysts’ projections, with a dip in personal income and tobacco taxes the main culprits.

When income taxes, cigarettes, and non-auto sales tax all come below estimates, estimates the Kasich Administration claimed were already conservative in their growth, you’ve got an economic problem on your hand.

Now, let’s reiterate here.  The last six months of Ted Strickland’s last budget showed the State consistently come in with above projected revenues.  Kasich’s […]

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(this was originally posted at by Budget Watcher, but I thought it provided such great insight into Kasich’s corporate giveaways that it deserved to be re-posted here…)

I know we’ve talked about this budget as though it’s all gloom and doom with its privatization, layoffs and local tax increases it will generate. But why dwell on the negative, when you too can profit from this budget?

If you have an E-Trade account and cash to invest, here are a few publicly-traded companies who are positioned well to profit from Ohio’s recently enacted budget*.

Prison Privatization – with five prisons […]

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John Kasich has broken with a fairly recent tradition of Ohio’s governor by not sleeping overnight on the Ohio State Fairgrounds.  The reason we’ve consistently heard that he’s given (but I’m unable to find a published news report confirming it) is that one of his daughters has severe allergies  (even though the tradition has never required the Governor’s kids to sleep in the State Fair barn.)

Which is why I was surprised to see this item in the Columbus Dispatch:

Gov. John Kasich decided not to follow tradition of his predecessors and sleep overnight at […]

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From a statement released from the Delaware City Prosector’s Office:

Assistant City Prosecutor Joe Schmansky said he believed probable cause existed to file a charge.

"Nevertheless, an important consideration in determining whether to initiate a domestic violence case is the wishes of the victim," Schmansky said in a press release. "This factor is critical because it impacts the likelihood of success at trial, particularly in a case such as this where the victim is the only witness (other than the defendant) who can provide testimony as to the circumstances that gave rise to the case."

Schmansky added Mrs. […]

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Well, I truly thought it would take longer than a month and a half before people saw how horrible Kasich’s budget was. I really did.  But then I wake up this morning and open up the Toledo Blade to see a scathing editorial condemining the Kasich administration for, well, pretty much everything we have been saying for the last six months.

Candidate Kasich attacked former Gov. Ted Strickland for not creating jobs and for using one-time money to kick the state’s budget problems down the road. Governor Kasich balanced his budget by using one-time money from the sale of […]

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to read and vote on their favorite entries for the Plunderbund Camp Wellstone Scholarships.  We’re really proud of our readers for their interest and thoughtful replies in voting for their favorites.  The two who will go to the camp on us are:

Paul Worley and Shandell Jamal.  Paul was the clear favorite and Shandell was able to edge out Corey for 2nd.  Each of the 4 will get a brand new PB tee and is also invited to attend the private after-camp party we are throwing.  Details to those who are registered […]

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Columbus Business First again lives up to their name today being the first to report on Kasich’s latest corporate handout: a $4 million package of state incentives to bring 50 jobs back to Ohio.

Just to be clear – these are 50 people who already have jobs. Not out-of-work Ohioans are going to benefit from this deal. And it’s costing us $80K per job. (I don’t think I need to tell you how many NEW teacher, police or fire jobs $4 million would create.)

And $80K/per job is over twice the cost-per-job of Kasich’s Diebold giveaway which was […]

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