From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last week we wrote about how the PD’s PoltiFact page gave the Ohio Democratic Party a “pants on fire” rating for claiming that Josh Mandel endorsed the idea of letting the US default. At the time the PD article was written, Mandel still had not made it clear where he stood on the matter of default. This ambivalence seemed to be the reason for the rating that was given. Well, it is perfectly clear now that if Josh Mandel had been a US Senator on Tuesday he would have voted against the debt deal in favor of letting the […]

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During the campaign, John Kasich liked to highlight the community of Wilmington as symbol to criticize Governor Strickland over the economy, going so far as making his first campaign ad for Governor to focus on the community.  Wilmington lost 7,000 jobs when DHL announced that it was closing its domestic parcel air service in the United States in November 2008 (DHL acquired Airborne Express in 2003  and was given local and state incentives in 2003 to expand services in Wilmington).

Kasich promised that if he was elected as Governor, the kind of mass layoffs we saw during […]

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Thanks to our loyal reader fan base, today the Washington Post’s “The Fix” blog came out with its 2011 edition of the top state-based political blogs in the nation.

First, Chris Cillizza had a few caveats:

Many of the blogs below are partisan and may use language and/or images that neither The Fix nor the Washington Post condones…

Gee, that’s a weird disclaimer to have.  I mean come on, we’re all adults here, Chris.  C’mon, how juvenile do you think we are?

In a handful of states, one blog — or sometimes two — were recommended far more […]

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