Thanks to our loyal reader fan base, today the Washington Post’s “The Fix” blog came out with its 2011 edition of the top state-based political blogs in the nation.

First, Chris Cillizza had a few caveats:

Many of the blogs below are partisan and may use language and/or images that neither The Fix nor the Washington Post condones…

Gee, that’s a weird disclaimer to have.  I mean come on, we’re all adults here, Chris.  C’mon, how juvenile do you think we are?

In a handful of states, one blog — or sometimes two — were recommended far more than others. In those cases — Sayfie Review for Florida, Capitol Fax for Illinois, Plunderbund for Ohio — the blog leads the state list and is in bold. In all other cases, the blogs are listed in alphabetical order. (emphasis added.)

We’re so fuckin’ awesome the Washington Post has to write our names in BOLD, bitches!  BOLD.  That likes costs as twice as much ink and stuff.  Oh wait, it’s a blog.  Still, them pixels ain’t cheap.  Think of the bandwidth a bold character takes… or something.   It’ll look noticeable on your Kindle, at least.  (Next year… we’re shooting for italics, or dare I say it, underlined italics!)

But all kiddin’ aside, I can’t believe that Chris Cillizza thinks he has to put an “Explicit Warning” sticker on the best political state blogs list like we’re a 2 Live Crew album.  I mean, it’s not like we have music with explicit lyrics on this site or something:

Still, we know we’ve grown a dedicated fan base who has helped spread the word of what this site does.  We wouldn’t be anything if there weren’t people interested in our content.

It’s nice to have our work (which is done in our “free” time and in a venture where our revenues are solely from the ads we sell, which allow us to throw our drinking shin dig after Camp Wellstone, which we are still looking for contest entries to go for free, btw!)  This isn’t a paying gig that any of us can think about quitting our day jobs.  We’ve seen the Ohio media take notice of what we do here, and on a few rare occasion, they’ve even named the “blog that shall not be named” in print.

Whenever we get this kind of recognition, I think it’s appropriate for us to enjoy it, but to also take time to praise those who have really encouraged us to take this site to the next level.  Someone who inspires us to do what we do.

2011 is an off-election year in which a political blog’s traffic normally craters until, well, the next election.  And, yeah, our traffic last year did hit a monthly high for the year in October-November, as you would expect and then dropped down in December.  But then it went back up, and up.   And in fact, we’ve yet to have a month of traffic this year that hasn’t been at or above our election month highs in 2010.   Even after the legislature’s consideration of SB 5 and the state budget, our July monthly traffic is several times higher than it was in the height of the election.  We’ve gone from 300 Facebook followers on Election night to nearly 4,000 now.

And if there’s anyone who has dedicated us to watch Ohio politics like a hawk, I think  there’s no question which one person deserves more credit for our success than just about anyone else:

New Day Stupid Way Thanks, Governor Kasich.  We couldn’t get this kind of national press recognition without you.

(And, of course, thank you reading us, commenting on our posts, and supporting us, too!)