From the daily archives: Thursday, August 25, 2011

Never let a political campaign serve as a fact-checker, especially one that lacks any transparency about who is funding it.

And especially when it apparently is so laughably wrong because what they claim is “truth” about a piece of legislation is refuted… by the same organization responsible for drafting the legislation at issue.

Today, the Ohio Ballot Board accepted the official arguments for/against the issues on the Statewide ballot.  For the most part, the Ballot Board has no control over the arguments.  So Jason Mauk, the spokesman for the “Building a Better Ohio” campaign rushed a press release […]

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The story started about allegations that he abused his wife; it’s now turned into one in which he allegedly abused his office.  It is time for Senate President Tom Niehaus to stop showing public support for Kris Jordan and start showing him the door.

He has, with no evidence, accused the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office of engaging in a political conspiracy to harm him.  Today’s news is that the Delaware City Prosecutor’s office has asked the State’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation to look into Jordan’s claim, likely to establish how frivolous it is (btw, […]

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UPDATED 08/25/2011 2:45PM: Additional documents have been included at the end of this post including the complete case file and the incident report related to the calls from Jordan to the deputies.

On August 5th, 2011, The Delaware City Prosecutor’s Office announced they would not be filing charges against State Senator Kris Jordan for the domestic violence incident that occured at his home on July 11th.

According to documents obtained by Plunderbund, Kris Jordan spent the next few days calling the Delaware County Sheriff’s deputies involved in the incident, trying to obtain additional information about what had been […]

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Last week Josh Mandel’s office put out a press releasing announcing that Treasurer Mandel had ‘initiated’ a $25 million loan program to help assist Northeast Ohioans impacted by summer storms.

In June 2011, Treasurer Mandel initiated a $25 million emergency financing program to assist Ohioans whose small businesses, farms and homes were damaged by flooding and severe weather.  Through the Ohio Treasury’s Renew Ohio & Rebuild Ohio linked deposit programs small business owners, farmers and homeowners affected by the floods and severe weather are now eligible to receive emergency financial assistance in their time of need through interest rate reductions […]

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