The story started about allegations that he abused his wife; it’s now turned into one in which he allegedly abused his office.  It is time for Senate President Tom Niehaus to stop showing public support for Kris Jordan and start showing him the door.

He has, with no evidence, accused the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office of engaging in a political conspiracy to harm him.  Today’s news is that the Delaware City Prosecutor’s office has asked the State’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation to look into Jordan’s claim, likely to establish how frivolous it is (btw, thanks, WBNS Channel 10 for not crediting us for breaking the story about Kris Jordan’s calls to the deputies while they were off-duty at his home.)

Jordan had no business calling the deputies who investigated at their home, while they were off-duty, and demanding they tell him which one was responsible for saying his investigation was on about a possible domestic violence offense.  What did the Senator intend to do with this information?  Why does he believe the Republican County Sheriff is setting him up in some conspiracy?

Tonight, WBNS reported that the “Jordans” issued another “joint” statement saying that the issue was behind them.  Good for them, I guess.  We’ll put it behind us when Senator Jordan puts his career in the state legislature behind him.


We mocked Mecklenborg’s arrest, but Jordan’s was sickening.  He was not cleared of criminal wrongdoing.  The prosecutor concluded that she could not prosecute without the alleged victim’s cooperation, a victim who reported she lived in fear of her husband.

The only thing more disturbing than the public support of Kris Jordan by the GOP Senate leadership is the utter silence of the media in calling for his ouster.  Anthony Weiner was never charged with a crime.  Yet, he was forced to resign in disgrace.

How can anyone look at the facts of this case and suggest otherwise?  Mrs. Jordan hasn’t said anything.  For all appearances, these “joint” statements came from Kris Jordan. 

In 2009, Kris Jordan voted against a bill that mandated including dating violence into the curriculum of our health courses in high school.

“She got a little upset,” Sen. Jordan told a deputy on the recording. “Girls do that.”

Then in 2011, Kris Jordan voted for SB 5 to take away collective bargain rights of law enforcement.

Now, we see he blames law enforcement for having to investigate his alleged criminal behavior.  He sees political conspiracies within his own party.

If Jordan wants privacy, he can do so by entering the private sector.  If Speaker Batchelder can call on Martin to resign over his numerous alcohol-related incidents, then why won’t President Niehaus call for Jordan’s?  How can Republicans expect female voters to support a party that supports politicians like Kris Jordan?

Resign.  (And get help.)