The story started about allegations that he abused his wife; it’s now turned into one in which he allegedly abused his office.  It is time for Senate President Tom Niehaus to stop showing public support for Kris Jordan and start showing him the door.

He has, with no evidence, accused the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office of engaging in a political conspiracy to harm him.  Today’s news is that the Delaware City Prosecutor’s office has asked the State’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation to look into Jordan’s claim, likely to establish how frivolous it is (btw, thanks, WBNS Channel 10 for not crediting us for breaking the story about Kris Jordan’s calls to the deputies while they were off-duty at his home.)

Jordan had no business calling the deputies who investigated at their home, while they were off-duty, and demanding they tell him which one was responsible for saying his investigation was on about a possible domestic violence offense.  What did the Senator intend to do with this information?  Why does he believe the Republican County Sheriff is setting him up in some conspiracy?

Tonight, WBNS reported that the “Jordans” issued another “joint” statement saying that the issue was behind them.  Good for them, I guess.  We’ll put it behind us when Senator Jordan puts his career in the state legislature behind him.


We mocked Mecklenborg’s arrest, but Jordan’s was sickening.  He was not cleared of criminal wrongdoing.  The prosecutor concluded that she could not prosecute without the alleged victim’s cooperation, a victim who reported she lived in fear of her husband.

The only thing more disturbing than the public support of Kris Jordan by the GOP Senate leadership is the utter silence of the media in calling for his ouster.  Anthony Weiner was never charged with a crime.  Yet, he was forced to resign in disgrace.

How can anyone look at the facts of this case and suggest otherwise?  Mrs. Jordan hasn’t said anything.  For all appearances, these “joint” statements came from Kris Jordan. 

In 2009, Kris Jordan voted against a bill that mandated including dating violence into the curriculum of our health courses in high school.

“She got a little upset,” Sen. Jordan told a deputy on the recording. “Girls do that.”

Then in 2011, Kris Jordan voted for SB 5 to take away collective bargain rights of law enforcement.

Now, we see he blames law enforcement for having to investigate his alleged criminal behavior.  He sees political conspiracies within his own party.

If Jordan wants privacy, he can do so by entering the private sector.  If Speaker Batchelder can call on Martin to resign over his numerous alcohol-related incidents, then why won’t President Niehaus call for Jordan’s?  How can Republicans expect female voters to support a party that supports politicians like Kris Jordan?

Resign.  (And get help.)

  • Calling a police officer at his home to discuss an incident report he wrote on you is harassment toward the police officer. It is intimidation. What else can it be? First he bullies and intimidates his wife and now he is intimidating and bullying police officers. I say resign now and then he can put it behind him! And I mean behind him. I’m just saying.

  • If you were able to watch the Melissa Jordan dash-cam video all the way through, you’d see that the officers handled her on site interview professionally and with compassion. For Kris Jordan to lawyer up and have the Sheriff’s Office investigated is not surprising to me. Abusers always place the blame on someone else. You know, Kasich hasn’t said anything about Jordan… yet, he had no problem calling a police officer an idiot. Remember? Kris Jordan’s got to go. And I, like PB, am baffled as to why the media has picked up on this. }:-{ KEEP ON THIS, PLUNDERBUND!!!

  • Anonymous

    I see it also as the attitude a lot of the wealthy GOP has towards police officers in general, throw soldiers,sailors, airmen and Marines in there too. 

    On one hand they are all like “oh we support you, you brave people with a tough job” and on the other hand they treat you like an uneducated moron who couldn’t get a “real” job.

    I think it shows through here with Jordan calling the deputy after he’d been working all night, then continuing his interrogation after the deputy told him it was awkward and uncomfortable. At that point the deputy has no duty to answer any of his questions, unless he wanted to go down and file a complaint on the officer.

    I mean the police on scene are not supposed to pick sides, just gather the facts and evidence and work out a solution.

    I still wanna see what he did to warrant them adding “disorderly conduct” to the police report.

  • Anonymous

    I forgot to add, great job Plunderbund!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    I love ModernEsquire’s posts, but somebody please get him a proofreader. There are spelling and grammatical errors in every single one of his posts (e.g. in this post there is the phrase “without no evidence”). I will happily provide this service for him if nobody on staff will. I’m very serious – if you want to effect change, you  need to be bulletproof, and consistent, easily fixed proofreading errors are inexcusable. 

  • Gunther5612

    This is a shining example as to why law enforcement officers need a strong union representing them.  I don’t know any Delaware County deputies, or how they conduct operations, so I will not pretend to speak for them.

    But, I do know this, if an elected official called me or any of my officers at home, off-duty, to interrogate and intimidate us because he/she did not like what we reported that official would be receiving a call-back from my union’s legal representative.  This is the way we protect ourselves – and the public – against vengeful people in positions of power.

    SB-5 is not about saving money, it about enabling people like Kris Jordan to call non-elected workers at home and “question them”.  SB-5 strips away seniority
    rights for police officers and it also forbids anyone over the rank of sergeant from even receiving union protection. No seniority or union protection for officers gives politicians the green light to arbitrarily punish officers for doing their jobs;  the politician pulls some strings and the officer is out the door.  See how simple it is?
    After twenty plus years as a police officer I have seen the damage done when politicians try to use law enforcement as if we were there only to protect them and their interests. 
    If, God forbid, this heinous piece of garbage legislation receives voter approval in November all of Ohio’s law enforcement will suffer – as well as the citizens we serve and protect.

    Two final thoughts: firstly, since Kris Jordan has a CCW permit, he is well aware that a domestic violence conviction will, in all probability, strip him of his ability to EVER possess a firearm (and that means any firearm).  He certainly doesn’t want to have a jury
    convict him of abuse, so it would make sense he be able to call officers anytime and anywhere and interrogate them, you know, so they can get their “minds right” and never dare arrest him in the first place.   Secondly,  through years of domestic violence awareness
    training, I am sadly of the opinion that Ms. Jordan is in an abusive relationship (both physical and emotional) and I pray that she never ends up like too many of the women I have encountered in her situation.

  • Anonymous

    wish I could hit the like button a thousand times, nail on the head sir!

  • Modern Esquire


  • dlw

    And… it’s not just Modern’s posts. I get — and appreciate — that you guys are posting on the fly so that we get the news as soon as possible. And of course, this is not your “day job.” But… yeah, it doesn’t look too good. Especially those times when it flips the meaning of what you’re saying. You guys might consider getting someone who can, say, proof a post w/in so many hours of its being posted or something. Wouldn’t want to slow down your posting… but nothing wrong with correcting it after it’s posted either.

    If you guys are in the market, I do happen to be a freelance editor who could be up for a new volunteer project…

  • Hungry Coyote

    Obviously the Delaware County Prosecuters office was contacted and urged to ask the State AG to probe the sheriff. We can only guess who that might be. It seems to me that someone should be investigating the Delaware County Prosecutors office. Something stinks to high heaven down there.

  • Hungry Coyote

    In light of the circumstances, shouldn’t the Ohio AG be investigating the Delaware Prosector’s Office and Kris Jordan for prompting the investigation of the Delaware County sheriff. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see that this is intimidation in an attempt to obstruct justice.

    And don’t you just love the deafening silence of Republican leadership in Columbus. Ohio voters need to clean house and remove these immoral parasites from office.

  • guest

    This is why R’s really don’t believe in justice for all, but justice for the people who run things and can put judges and politicians in their pockets.

    Why do law “enforcement” vote for R’s when R’s don’t like the law when it is applied equally?

    Where’s the AG? Oh yeah right, he’s covering up for another crooked R.

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