(HT: Joseph who did all the groundwork for this post but couldn’t write it before his business flight.) 

On July 11th at approximately 10:55 p.m., the 911 call center in Delaware County received a telephone call requesting immediate assistance at the residence of State Senator Kris Jordan.  An unidentified female voice simply requested assistance, provided the residential address for Senator Jordan, and hung up.  The 911 call center then dialed the number that dialed in and talked to a woman who identified herself as “Melissa,” which is the name of Senator Jordan’s wife.

Here is a copy of the incident report.

The 911 center asked if there was a domestic situation.  Melissa first said no.  She then said she needed “noone.”  Then she changed her mind and said she needed the police.  The Sheriff’s Office dispatcher then asks Melissa if her husband is standing beside her, and she indicates “Yes…. We’re alright….. We’re alright.”  Melissa then acknowledges that her husband is aware that she is on the phone with the police and then said again, unsolicited that “…We’re alright.”

 She reports the presence of guns in the house and then says that she doesn’t want anyone to be sent.  When asked if it was physical or just verbal, she tells the 911 center she needs a second as she then is overhead talking about the question with her husband.  Melissa then says that she “doesn’t want any response now.”   After she indicated that Sen. Jordan has walked away, she then says that she never called before, but she cannot take it anymore because this keeps happening.  She then indicated that he had a weapon on him, while apparently intoxicated, but had taken it off.  She later says that he never threatened her with a gun.   Both apparently have a CCW permit.  She said that he started arguing with her and pushing around.  Again, she had said this has happened a lot, she couldn’t put up with it anymore and had to call.  Now, she wants to take it all back.

We need to note that Senator Jordan has not been criminally charged a week after this incident occured.  The report indicates that Mrs. Jordan showed no signs of physical injury (although she didn’t report any.)  The incident report indicates that he is being investigated for fourth-degree misdemeanor domestic violence, not first-degree misdemeanor.

Fourth-degree misdemeanor domestic violence is defined in R.C. 2919.25(C) as:

No person, by threat of force, shall knowingly cause a family or household member to believe that the offender will cause imminent physical harm to the family or household member.

But, again, that is just what the report indicates was the potential charge that is being investigated.  No actual charges have been filed.  The report, and Melissa’s comments in the 911 call, indicate that “alcohol” was a factor.  As in, that Senator Jordan had become intoxicated when the disturbance occurred… and he reportedly had a firearm on him.

 Melissa Jordan begged the 911 center to just cancel the call.  She kept talking about wanting to “throw up” over the issue.  At one point, she tells the operator that Senator Jordan indicated that they were “over” because she had called them in the first place and that calling 911 caused him to start throwing stuff around the house.

I won’t pretend to guess what actually occurred in the home, but as a gun rights supporter, Senator Jordan should surrender his CCW permit, and if not, he should have it revoked.  He’s providing fodder for every critic of the legislation Governor Kasich signed into law that permits CCW permit holders to lawfully carry a weapon in an establishment that serves alcohol unless the owner posts signs forbidding it.

As for the domestic violence allegation, I don’t know what actually happened.  So far, with no evidence of any injury and an uncooperative alleged victim, it’s difficult for law enforcement to charge Senator Jordan knowing that a conviction would be difficult without his wife’s cooperation.  Although some, and arguably all, of the 911 call could potentially be admissible thanks to opinions by the United States Supreme Court.  Regardless, in my opinion, after listening to the recording, Melissa sounds like a woman who has gone from fearing whatever was going on in that house that night to fearing what will happen to her because she called 911.  I’ve heard too many of these kind of comments when I did criminal defense work.

Whereas the situation with Mecklenborg could be considered somewhat comical, this is just tragic.