We had requested a copy of any recording at the scene of Senator Jordan’s domestic violence call, but the Columbus Dispatch apparently got it before we did.

Senator Jordan is a total prick.

Sen. Jordan, a Republican from Powell, told deputies that he and his wife had argued over his not cleaning their condo. Cruiser dashboard camera recordings released yesterday detail the deputies’ conversations with the Jordans.

“She got a little upset,” Sen. Jordan told a deputy on the recording. “Girls do that.”

The 34-year-old senator went on to say the incident was “90 percent emotion.”

“I threw some things on the ground, but I didn’t hit her or anything,” he said. “So she’s all worked up about who knows.”

On the recording, Sen. Jordan tells deputies that he works at the Statehouse, “until she gets me thrown out of office,” he said. “Over (expletive) not cleaning the upstairs … and then me pushing some towels over and some other stuff over.”

Delaware County Recorder Melissa Jordan, on the recording, tells the deputies again that this has happened multiple times, but in the past she had called Senator Jordan’s parents when it occurred.  But they weren’t home, so she called 911.

Darn those emotional girls, huh, Senator?  What a misogynist.

  • She got a little upset, girls do that.  That guy is a misogynistic pig.  For one thing, his wife is a woman,  and any woman or man would be upset about being threatened with a gun.

  • Senator Jordan makes remarks common to convicted domestic violence offenders:  Always minimize the offense.  Always blame the victim.  Always try to gain law enforcement sympathy.  Of course, these sorts of things are also common to GOP politicians.  Hmm…

  • Why doesn’t the Speaker make this guy resign? This is outrageous!

  • If we allow people like this to be our elected officials, what does that say about the citizens of Ohio?

  • Boys should not hit girls, but the R’s like boys who beat up girls. Is that why they are proud to call themselves “cavemen”. Real mean don’t hit women, PERIOD. He hates women, and the people who voted for this monster hate women also.

  • Lacklandge

    The fact that this guy is condescending to his wife is bad enough…the frosting on the cake is that his wife “usually calls his parents when this happens”……are ya kiddin me…how old are these 2 people….

    Please, don’t let them reproduce….

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I see Niehous had “no comment”.  What the heck happened to ZERO TOLERANCE?!  When one puts himself high up on a pedastal, it’s a lot farther when you fall down.

  • I think the Speaker is a member of the he-man woman haters club aka “the cavemen caucus”. I could be wrong but since the R’s hate women, they belong in the same camp.

  • Wow. I mean… I don’t even know. 

  • That is ZERO tolerance for anyone who isn’t part of their little club. There are no rules for these guys.

  • My wife tells the story of a coworker of her Grandfather’s down in the mines in southern Ohio.  The man was drunk one too many times and came home to wail on his wife.  He passed out drunk out on the area rug.  She rolled him up tight in it and started beating him with something like a baseball bat.  As far as her grandfather knows, he never hit his wife again.

  • Anonymous

    For SURE, there goes the gene pool!!

  • She got a little bit upset girls do that?! Well this girl is more than a little upset with this and what does she do? She doesn’t vote Republican!!!!!!!

  • Annekarina

    Surely, the repubs are not going to allow this “person” to stay in office – are they?  “Girls do that ” do they?  What do boys do, boy jordon?

  • Annekarina

    He is abusing the woman and others who voted for him with his attitude.  He needs help, if he is not beyond it.

  • Anastasjoy

    Apparently, ALL Republican legislators in Ohio require parental oversight. None of them are adults yet, I guess.

  • Anastasjoy

    Well, to be fair to Batchelder, first he has to deal with replacing Mecklenborg.  Then I suspect he will have to deal with replacing Jarrod Martin shortly (something he probably should have done back when the cops were peeling Martin off his car).  So many assholes, so little time.

  • Anastasjoy

    Sorry, got confused there. Obviously that should be Niehaus. Actually, it should probably be the entire leadership of the ORP because they seem to have a widespread problem here.

  • Xx

    This article seems to lack the usual republican trolls, that is telling in and of itself that they can’t even back-up  Senator “Do you beat your wife?” Jordan with their usual republicans can do no wrong BS.

  • Annekarina

    Wonder who got the job of washing everything else off of the speaker’s car?

  • WestParkGuy

    Delaware County Recorder Melissa Jordan, on the
    recording, tells the deputies again that this has happened multiple
    times, but in the past she had called Senator Jordan’s parents when it occurred.  But they weren’t home, so she called 911.Sounds like Jordan’s parents “spared the rod” a little too many times. Maybe he should go to lockup where some inmates don’t take kindly on spoiled politicians beating on their wives.

  • Db128867

    You’re an idiot – Jordan isn’t a Senator, he’s a congressman and he isn’t 34 years old either.

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