From the daily archives: Friday, August 12, 2011

It’s back! Friday Night Music Fights. If you’re OGP (original gangster plunderbund) then you know what to do. If ur n00b, then the deal is comment with your favorite version. We’ll score the bout in 12 rounds.

This is a triple bill. We have the author Curtis Mayfield:

We also have Al Green:

Finally, we have Matisyahu:

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As the Ohio Republican establishment grows so frantically concerned about the lasting political harm Issue 2 may do for the Ohio Republican Party that some have even tried clandestine efforts to negotiate a truce with organized labor, you almost have to feel sorry for the vote of no confidence in Build a Better Ohio, the pro-SB 5 Republican campaign vehicle designed to try and stop SB 5 from being overwhelmingly repealed.

So what do you do when the talk of Columbus is about nervous Republicans wanting to bail SB 5?  I mean just think about it.  This would be like […]

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Try to wrap your mind around this one while Issue 2 is about to head to the ballot box.

According to today’s Associated Press report by Julie Carr Smyth:

Ohio will pay cash to tens of thousands of state workers this month to make up for personal days they gave up over the past two years to help balance the state budget, The Associated Press has learned.

Each full-time employee is receiving the equivalent of four days’ wages plus four sick days in exchange for eight personal days they agreed not to accrue under a 2009 union contract. […]

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