As the Ohio Republican establishment grows so frantically concerned about the lasting political harm Issue 2 may do for the Ohio Republican Party that some have even tried clandestine efforts to negotiate a truce with organized labor, you almost have to feel sorry for the vote of no confidence in Build a Better Ohio, the pro-SB 5 Republican campaign vehicle designed to try and stop SB 5 from being overwhelmingly repealed.

So what do you do when the talk of Columbus is about nervous Republicans wanting to bail SB 5?  I mean just think about it.  This would be like Mittens or whomever soon-to-be has-been the GOP manages to nominate from the CrazyFest we witnessed in the Iowa debate get the nominations and then in August, fearing that the candidate can’t win, the RNC approached the Obama campaign to see if they would agree the two candidates could just “share” the presidency somehow.

And then the Obama folks rightfully laugh it off as crazy, but then the whole thing because public.  What do you as a seasoned political campaign consultant do in that never expected scenario?  You declare victory of course!

Jason Mauk, spokesman for the Building a Better Ohio campaign, issued the following statement today regarding the We Are Ohio campaign’s "major" announcement:

"Much like their approach to the bargaining table, they’re content to slam the door on the taxpaying public and demand that they just shut up and pay the bills," he said. "Unfortunately, some of their own leaders have been shut down and silenced from working toward an agreement that might have averted this costly and divisive ballot contest."

"The defiant tactics being used by opponents of Issue 2 only serve to expose their arrogance, and Ohioans are taking notice. The union bosses can no longer say they weren’t asked to be part of the solution. They can defy progress and stand in the way of reform, but we will prevail in this effort."

This statement ranks up there with “This is great news…. for John McCain!”

And it makes sense.  It’s really an apt comparison.  While the Republican world thought they saw this:

The rest of the country saw this instead:

That crazy “We Are Ohio” and their defiant tactics of insisting on an election!  And who slammed the door on the taxpayers?  Because last I checked, we the taxpaying public wasn’t told about this closed door meeting.

You can’t be seen groveling for mercy and then try to put on your best Braveheart act about how you’re going to win the day.  I mean this is just pathetic.

I mean, nothing says “We’re going to prevail” like being caught trying to surrender… and being laughed out of the room at how clumsy at it you failed, right?

  • dlw

    Okay, it is 7:30 and I am still at work [teat-sucking gov’t employee that I am…], so maybe it’s just me being too tired to follow. But for the quoted section, is that all from Mauk? What was We Are Ohio’s announcement?

    Sorry if my confusion is just me being cross-eyed at the moment!!!!

  • I won’t be feeling sorry for Building a Bitter Ohio anytime soon.  Jason Mauk should just crawl back over to the Statehouse and go back to trying to justify Shannon Jones’ political viability.

  • Anonymous

    laughably pathetic, like most of the comments from the ignorant pro-SB5 people on their facebook page.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I’ll update with a link to We Are Ohio’s announcement for context.  You’re not too bleary-eyed, I presumed too much w/o context.  They held a press conference to again reiterate that they are not interested in a deal on SB 5 at this time.

  • Anonymous

    Everything they do is behind closed doors, by invitation only to people who will drink their cool-aid.  They held an “open” closed door meeting on the turnpike two weeks ago in Toledo and ticked off most of the people who wanted to get a word in edgewise.  This administration is the original “secret society” in Ohio.  They will rob Ohio blind.  They don’t believe what they are saying, why would we?

  • Given this reasoning, the GOP will lose control of Congress.

  • tryn to manipulate n anything they can do or say to make them feel better… about their attacks n now tryn to justify ..its a big smoke screen..they r seeing that especially after debt ceiln mess, the people r growing more n more upset n are fed up with nojobs, the verizon strike, postal service scandal, bills in houses across repub gov states eliminating min wage..more n more people r waking up, more n more they r hearing the same attacks with more n more companies cuttn jobs instead of creatn jobs. After awhile people get tired of everytime they pick up a paper, o shoppn, etc..its another company, more people losing jobs, and hittn closer n closer to home. It’s not rocket science, n after awhile hearing about more n more of what we, Wisconsin, and Repub governed states are doing across America, the people realize and are finally connectn everything. They r realizing that no ones safe. The Congress after wastn n dragn on the ceiln debt drama, are on a break. Americans r upset with the arguing, lack of progress n now a super committee in which 85 percent of them will NOT BE REPRESENTED. On a break when we lost /dropped from our AAA rating n watched rgem brag/gloat over causing it, then go on a break?

    Kasich n crews weak attempt at tryn to scam a compromise with issues they demanded to “must have..” and now contridictn..with no guarantees..a weak, useless offer in attempts to trick n mislead Ohioians isnt workn..All they are doing is stirring the pot..Enough//Let the people vote..11.8.11 n do not enable or entertain his side shows..

  • we are ohio has a video posted..a must see..nicely done

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