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The Ohio Highway Patrol has confirmed that it has opened up a felony criminal investigation against soon-to-be former Robert Mecklenborg’s obtaining a drivers’ license after falsely reporting that he had no pending violations in this or any other State as we first exclusively reported back on July 14th.

Mecklenborg is being investigated for a potential violation under Ohio’s tampering with records statute which makes it a third-degree felony to knowingly, with the purpose to defraud, falsify a record kept by the State government.  (See, R.C. 2913.42(B)(4)). 

Punishment of a third-degree felony could be one to […]

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[Updated @ bottom with Brunner’s response]

This was in yesterday’s Columbus Dispatch:

As Gov. John Kasich rattled through his policy agenda during a speech to the Columbus Metropolitan Club yesterday, there was an audience member seated near the stage nodding in agreement.

Former Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat.

“Not everyone agrees with those changes, but he’s making an effort. You can tell that he cares.” . . .  Kasich is “dedicated to reforming Ohio,” Brunner said.

When you read a story and the only thing that your mind creates that makes a news story makes […]

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In the final months of the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, Governor Strickland’s campaign and his allies in education starting warning people in rural districts that a vote for John Kasich was a vote to consolidate your kids local school district out of existence.

And the Kasich campaign called it a totally untrue “smear” designed to scare voters:

“John has never talked about consolidating schools. John has talked about sharing services," Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols told the Toledo Blade on Wednesday.

Kasich, at a campaign stop later that day, noted it was Halloween season and accused the Strickland campaign of making things […]

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A reader recently contacted me about a video we posted a week ago of Kris Jordan and a mistake he made during his speech to a gun rights group. Jordan, you may remember, is the Ohio State Senator who is being investigated for pushing around his wife and running around his house drunk with a gun.

In the video, Jordan is talking to Ohioans for Concealed Carry (who, by the way, endorsed Strickland for Governor) about how he and his wife are both big-time gun fans.

About half way through, Jordan mentions that his wife gave him a […]

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Plunderbund beat every major Ohio paper and news source to the Mecklenborg drunk driving stripper story, the Mecklenborg license application fraud story and the Kris Jordan gun waving domestic violence story.

But I have to give the Dispatch and the Dayton Daily News full credit for kicking our ass on the story about State Rep. Jerrod Martin.

You guys were down two, but you came back BIG TIME.

DDN hit first with a story about Martin being arrested for an OVI with his kids in his car.

The Dispatch hit back this morning, revealing Martin […]

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According to information received by Plunderbund, the newly appointed leadership team at the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is working on a plan that will likely result in a 40% staff reduction at the department’s central office.

The new ODOT Strategic Plan is slated for release on Monday, August 8th and while they are still working out some of the details, we have been told that the “planning, construction, engineering” divisions “have been told to plan for 40% staff reduction over an as-yet unknown period of time.” An internal ODOT memo describes likely changes:

· This should not hit […]

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Raise your hand if you thought the job of the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Poltifact page was to be the mouth piece for a candidate when they won’t clarify themselves. Yea, I didn’t think so either. This is exactly what the editors behind the PolitiFact page did yesterday for non-candidate for senate Josh Mandel.

PolitiFact gave the Ohio Democratic Party’s claim that Josh Mandel endorses the US defaulting on its loans a  “pants on fire” rating.

We find the Ohio Democratic Party’s claim isn’t just inaccurate, it’s also ridiculous.

On the Truth-O-Meter there’s just one ruling for that kind […]

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As we may have mentioned, Plunderbund is partnering with Camp Wellstone this year and that means you can win a free trip to camp!

The rules are simple: just send us a few words, lines, paragraphs, pages or pictures telling us why you want to attend the event and email your entry to That’s it.

You can enter as many times as you like and there are no min or max length requirements.

Keep in mind that we aren’t necessarily looking for the next great Ohio blogger here. We’re looking for great stories. And we’d really like […]

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Senate President Tom Niehaus was on Fox News to discuss the Tea Party’s proposed state constitutional amendment to ban individual health insurance mandates at the local, State, and federal level (and yet, the State of Ohio would still be able to mandate that all Ohioans carry auto insurance if they wish to drive on a public road in Ohio.)

According to a transcript from Fox News, host Bill Hemmer asked Niehaus to respond to “critics” of the bill who suggests that the proposed amendment is, itself, unconstitutional as it violates the U.S. Constitution’s supremacy clause.  That’s when things went a little […]

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In today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine states he knows the key for his party to win in Ohio next year… it’s hoping that the entire State gets collective amensia on one of Governor Kasich’s signature legislative achievements this year:

The GOP leader said he doubts anyone will be talking about Senate Bill 5 come November 2012.

“What we do know is that for 90 percent of the people, the economy is the number one issue and in November 2012 no one is going to be talking about Senate Bill 5,” DeWine said. “And Barack […]

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With August right around the corner and the Ohio Secretary of State assigning an issue number (#2) to the Senate Bill 5 Referendum, it’s time to start dissecting the grossly flawed bill that brought millions of Ohioans together in opposition this year.  Much of the Senate Bill 5 language was rewritten into HB153 (budget bill) when it became apparent that the referendum effort would succeed, but since so many variations of each bill have come and gone in the committees, it’s important to revisit the appalling language that John Kasich gleefully signed […]

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