A reader recently contacted me about a video we posted a week ago of Kris Jordan and a mistake he made during his speech to a gun rights group. Jordan, you may remember, is the Ohio State Senator who is being investigated for pushing around his wife and running around his house drunk with a gun.

In the video, Jordan is talking to Ohioans for Concealed Carry (who, by the way, endorsed Strickland for Governor) about how he and his wife are both big-time gun fans.

About half way through, Jordan mentions that his wife gave him a “40 millimeter for Christmas”. The crowd bursts into laughter. And it’s not because he was making a joke.

See these guys right here?

They’re loading 40 millimeter rounds into that REALLY big gun on an AC-130 gunship. On the ground, a gun firing 40 millimeter shells looks something like this:

Obviously Jordan didn’t get a Bofors EL/70 for Christmas. And obviously he meant caliber instead of millimeter. A .40 Caliber pistol cartridge is actually .40 inches or 10.16 mm – not 40 millimeters. A slip of the tongue? Maybe. More likely it’s just Jordan talking out his ass to impress potential voters.

Politicians – on both sides – are always trying to impress special interest groups by touting their own credentials. When they visit a factory, they talk about their blue collar backgrounds. When they visit a dairy farm, they talk abut their love of cheese. And when they meet with gun advocates, they talk about their guns.

Jordan could have walked in to this meeting and said just about everything wrong, as long as he got the gun stuff right. But he didn’t. He screwed it up. Big time. And it’s more than just embarrassing for Jordan, it’s disrespectful for gun rights advocates.

It’s bad enough he’s a complete poser. Even worse that he doesn’t give enough of a crap to at least take accurate notes for his speeches. But when we find out that he’s pushing around his wife, drunk and waving around his .40 CALIBER pistol in the process – it shows a complete disrespect for guns in general.

Gun rights advocates in Ohio should take this advice: stay away from Kris Jordan.

Here’s the video again, in case you missed it the first time: