From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In typical Kasich fashion, it’s rumored that he’s going to rush through the appointment for the new COO for BWC, possibly scheduling it for Senate confirmation tomorrow.

The rumored appointee is Dale Hamilton who previously worked for the BWC during the big scandal era and who was, according to the Columbus Free Press, involved with a big scandal of his own:

Three years earlier the Ohio Bureau of Workman’s Compensation was caught up in a major scandal. BWC Chief Operating Office Steve Isaac was fired November 7, 1997.

Isaac then sued his former boss, Bureau Chief James Conrad, a […]

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Boy were we surprised when we found out that Stan Heffner not only got a last minute interview this morning for the state school superintendent job – but he actually got the job!

I can’t help but wonder if this still would have happened if we had filed our ethics complaint against Heffner earlier in the process. Of if that would have just gotten him on the list (and away from ETS) sooner.

Either way, Heffner was forced to address the complaint today, and his response is pretty – well – bad.

In short, our complaint alleges the […]

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We have yet to receive a thank you letter from Stan Heffner, but we know it will be in the mail soon.  Our post yesterday detailing the complaint we filed with the Ohio Ethics Commission obviously confirmed that Heffner is the most qualified man for this leadership position in Ohio.  Fortunately, we came along at just the right time to let the State Board of Education realize what they were about to overlook, as they abruptly took him behind closed doors into their executive session, interviewed him, then hired him with no opportunity for public discussion.  Board member Rob Hovis […]

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