From the daily archives: Thursday, July 14, 2011

Immediately after signing the state budget, our Governor seems to have set his sights on Washington, starting the week with a fundraising e-mail entitled: “Let’s Hope D.C. Notices…” which read, in part:

With the signing of a historic budget that fills a nearly $8 billion shortfall and maintains a income tax cut, Governor John Kasich and legislative leaders have set Ohio on the path to job creation and prosperity. This effort has not gone unnoticed in the national media:

• The New York Times said John Kasich “has established himself as a get-things-done governor.” You can read more here.

• Closer to home, Ohio’s […]

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We owe it to our readers to tell you the truth, even if it spoils the fun for our ideological allies. I’ll admit when we uncovered this we thought about not writing about it because we love an elaborate prank just like the next guy, and this story reveals the most elaborate, sophisticate political astroturfing prank in Ohio history since Kasich Deputy Press Secretary crowned himself one of “Ohio’s top bloggers” all the time he was writing from Virginia on the Ohio Republican Party’s payroll.

Here it is:  Building a Better Ohio, the campaign committee we all thought was a […]

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Records obtained by Plunderbund show that Robert Mecklenborg renewed his Ohio driver’s license four days after his DUI arrest in Indiana and lied about the arrest on the application form.

Here’s a quick timeline of the events:

On April 1st, 2011, Robert Mecklenborg’s Ohio driver’s license expired. On April 23rd, 2011, Mecklenborg was arrested in Indiana (with the expired license) for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and for endangering the 26 year old, likely stripper, in his car. Mr. Mecklenborg’s court date isn’t until July 26th, 2011. The case is still pending. On April 27th, 2011, Mecklenborg […]

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