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Dinner with State Senator Seitz

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I saw this chain of tweets from @stylesample tonight and thought I’d share…

According to @StyleSample she identified the familiar face at the table next to her using some creative detective work: “The people he was dining with called him by name and I looked him (and his pic) up on my phone.”

Thanks Tamia, Plunderbund’s latest I-Reporter.

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Normally, we don’t republish press releases verbatim here.  Then again, normally it’s not every day the Fraternal Order of Police issues a press release in response to something we originally wrote

August 30, 2011
Jay McDonald, President


COLUMBUS — The Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio (FOP) today expressed disappointment that some supporters of Issue 2 and Senate Bill 5 are claiming that the complete layoff of the Mt. Sterling, Ohio police department was a positive development for citizens there […]

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Today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Secretary of State Jon Husted announced that he will relent and allow Cuyahoga County mail unsolicited absentee ballot requests (as it’s done for years now) to voters in order to prevent overcrowded lines on election day after an unanimous, bipartisan Cuyahoga County Council passed a resolution authorizing the program.

Husted has tried to justify his opposition to large counties sending out unsolicited absentee ballots by arguing that making it easier for such voters in those counties to vote was “unfair” to other voters who didn’t have the benefit of such programs and […]

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Building a Better Ohio’s entire campaign strategy seems to be essentially yelling “Liar, liar, liar” at the opponents of SB 5 between now and election day, as if opposition to SB 5 was based on a foundation of lies.  This, of course, would be more effective if, you know, Building a Better Ohio would stop lying about SB 5.

Take today’s argument by the pro-SB 5 campaign called “Reforms will Protect Ohio’s protectors” (which we’ve screen captured just in case they take it down):

So, according to the Building a Better Ohio campaign, if […]

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Our post yesterday about Kasich’s budget bill provision for Retesting Teachers generated quite the buzz and a load of questions.  I intentionally did not discuss many of the details in that post knowing that most readers wouldn’t have read much beyond the lists of teachers and schools (I wouldn’t have, either).  So today, I want to offer some good news, bad news, and answer some of the questions asked by readers about this legislation.

First, for those who were shocked and caught off-guard by this information, where have you been?  We first posted about this component […]

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[3:30 pm – REVISED: Our original post excluded some math teachers – sorry for the omission. We have updated the title and the list of teachers to reflect their inclusion.  New list has 334 pages and total projected cost of tests is $2,187,050]


The lists included at the end of this post:

Are NOT intended to imply in any way that these educators are ineffective. Do NOT reflect the hard work, long hours, or dedication of the individuals on the list. Do NOT reflect improvements that have occurred in many of these schools. Are NOT an indictment of educators who […]

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The Ohio Department of Education has released the State Report Cards for schools and districts (though school report cards have incorrect state data that has yet to be corrected) and that means the names of the teachers who will be required to take the Praxis exams is also available. I’ll be posting the list of 349 schools and over 5,900 teachers on Plunderbund later today.

To help catch you up, here is some light reading about the “Retesting Teachers” provision in House Bill 153 (Budget Bill):

As prepared by the Legislative Service Commission:

Retesting Teachers
RC 3319.58


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In July of 2009, Ohio’s Legislature – including the Republican-controlled State Senate – passed Governor Ted Strickland’s budget that included $900 million per year in revenue from Video Lottery Terminals for racetracks.

The VLT plan was quickly put on hold once a group of former Ken Blackwell staffers – including Carlo Loparo – formed a group called and sued to have the VLT plan put up for a vote., funded by millions of dollars from contributors they refused to name, was formed specifically to kill the plan for raising extra revenue from VLTs so that Strickland would […]

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Never let a political campaign serve as a fact-checker, especially one that lacks any transparency about who is funding it.

And especially when it apparently is so laughably wrong because what they claim is “truth” about a piece of legislation is refuted… by the same organization responsible for drafting the legislation at issue.

Today, the Ohio Ballot Board accepted the official arguments for/against the issues on the Statewide ballot.  For the most part, the Ballot Board has no control over the arguments.  So Jason Mauk, the spokesman for the “Building a Better Ohio” campaign rushed a press release […]

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The story started about allegations that he abused his wife; it’s now turned into one in which he allegedly abused his office.  It is time for Senate President Tom Niehaus to stop showing public support for Kris Jordan and start showing him the door.

He has, with no evidence, accused the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office of engaging in a political conspiracy to harm him.  Today’s news is that the Delaware City Prosecutor’s office has asked the State’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation to look into Jordan’s claim, likely to establish how frivolous it is (btw, […]

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UPDATED 08/25/2011 2:45PM: Additional documents have been included at the end of this post including the complete case file and the incident report related to the calls from Jordan to the deputies.

On August 5th, 2011, The Delaware City Prosecutor’s Office announced they would not be filing charges against State Senator Kris Jordan for the domestic violence incident that occured at his home on July 11th.

According to documents obtained by Plunderbund, Kris Jordan spent the next few days calling the Delaware County Sheriff’s deputies involved in the incident, trying to obtain additional information about what had been […]

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