From the daily archives: Thursday, August 11, 2011

Think it’s time we bring back an old PB tradition.  The Late Night Theatre.  If you’re not familiar with it, you should hit that link and check ’em out.  Doesn’t look like we’ve done one since last year.  Boo.  We also used to do something called Friday Night Music Fights that was fun.  We should start that up too.  Late Night Theatre is a music or funny YouTube – something we wouldn’t typical post but is good for a late night laugh or enjoyment.  Friday Night Music Fights compares an original song with a cover of it to determine […]

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If you head over to Josh Mandel’s campaign website one of the first things you’ll see are two very nice-looking photos of Josh.

One is of Batchelder swearing in Mandel as treasurer. The other is Mandel with Marine Gunnery Sergeant Benjamin Akins. Both photos were taken by Fred Squillante and both photos belong to the Columbus Dispatch.

These photos both appear on his Flickr feed as well, which indicates the photos were uploaded on January 25th, 2011.

Neither location indicates who took the photos or the fact that they are from the Dispatch.

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Earlier today, I received a call from Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern.  He told me on Monday Columbus Dispatch reporter Joe Vardon who reported on the “SB 5 compromise” story on Tuesday called him to ask him to respond to rumors that Kasich had reached out to Redfern at the Ohio Democratic Party about reaching a deal on Senate Bill 5.

M.E.: “And after you regained consciousness from laughing all the air out of your lungs, what did you tell him.”

An animated Redfern said it was categorically untrue that anyone had reached out to the Ohio Democratic Party […]

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I know this happened a couple of days ago but A) I haven’t read about anyone covering this yet and B) every time I think about it I get even angrier. On Tuesday the Plain Dealer ran a Letter to the Editor from Treasurer Josh Mandel. In the letter he points to the crash in the markets as evidence that the debt ceiling compromise had caused the economy to crumble, Sherrod Brown voting helped cause it, and that his own stance of letting the country go into default was a better alternative. I’ll let that set in for a […]

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So if the Columbus Dispatch‘s main gripe about Issue 2 is that having a referendum on repealing SB 5, a vote to resolve labor issues, creates unnecessary and unproductive bad blood between labor and management, then why haven’t they said the same thing about SB 5?  After all, under SB 5, what would be the mechanicism to resolve management-labor contractual disputes?  A vote of the public.

I only ask because it appears that while they’re blasting Issue 2 on the grounds that a public vote on labor issues forces labor and management to publicly square off and creates bad blood, […]

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