From the daily archives: Friday, August 19, 2011

Wow, I was wrong. Somehow Josh Mandel’s horrible, no good week got worse. A lot worse. This morning The Toledo Blade reported that Mandel’s Senate campaign accepted over $100,000 in campaign contributions from Ben Suarez, his family, and his employees at Suarez Corporation. On top of the $100,000 in contributions from Suarez and his employees, Ben Suarez and his wife gave an additional $30,000 to a political action committee closely associated with Josh Mandel.

…in the current election cycle, a large number of his [Suarez] employees and their wives — many of whom have never before given to federal […]

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Poor John Kasich.

He looks like he called a meeting of all the people in Ohio who support Issue 2.

(Thanks to Eric for putting this video together so quickly)

Doesn’t a political leader take a hit to fail this spectacularly at negotiations?  Even those who are clamoring for a negotiation, like Dispatch, had to acknowledge that Kasich was grandstanding.

In today’s podcast Dispatch, they called it a photo-op.  And that’s what Kasich wasted an hour today just for for a political photo-op to try to bash labor on the same day that news broke that Ohio’s […]

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This morning the press was called over to Riffe for a big, staged, Kasich event in which he tried to paint the unions as unwilling to compromise or bargain.

Kasich’s people set up big tables with name cards as though they were seriously ready for a meeting with union leaders that had been planned for months.

Kasich knew the unions weren’t going to show up. The whole event was nothing but a big theater production and everyone, including the press, knew this going in.

Still, the press did show up and, to be fair, they asked some good questions. Marc […]

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I’ll be packing up the kids tomorrow afternoon and heading over to the Ohio State Fairgrounds for the Stand Up for Ohio Festival. Grab me and say hi if you see me. I’ll be the one in the Plunderbund t-shirt chasing two out-of-control toddlers.

According to Stand Up For Ohio, the event’s organizers, there “will be “Built by Ohio Workers” displays, games and activities for children, and information from organizations fighting for Ohioans every day” as well as speakers and music from Grand Funk Railroad, Ohio Players and many other bands all day.

Stand Up […]

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For the second month in a row, Ohio’s unemployment rate in July increased .2% to 9%.  This was the first full month of the new FY 2012 since Governor Kasich signed his “Jobs Budget” into law.

The number of unemployed Ohioans increased for the second month in a row.  In July, the number of unemployed Ohio grew 12,000 from June.  In June, the number of unemployed Ohioans grew 11,000.  In other words, the growth in the number of unemployed Ohioans stayed relatively flat, with some slight growth.

But job creation can’t keep up with the changes […]

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