This morning the press was called over to Riffe for a big, staged, Kasich event in which he tried to paint the unions as unwilling to compromise or bargain.

Kasich’s people set up big tables with name cards as though they were seriously ready for a meeting with union leaders that had been planned for months.

Kasich knew the unions weren’t going to show up. The whole event was nothing but a big theater production and everyone, including the press, knew this going in.

Still, the press did show up and, to be fair, they asked some good questions. Marc Kovac has videos of the whole thing up at Ohio Capital Blog. But I wanted to focus on one thing Kasich said in particular.

As soon as he gets the mic, Kasich says of the unions “I think frankly that they are pretty divided.”

Which is pretty damn funny considering he was talking a table full of empty chairs (photo from StopSB5inOhio)

The unions certainly weren’t divided in their response this morning.

And they their response hasn’t been divided either. According to the latest press release by We Are Ohio, they expect “total repeal prior to future discussions is needed due to the lack of trust resulting from the numerous political tricks these leaders played to pass Senate Bill 5.”

Joe Vardon of the Dispatch picked up on one of the other elements of Kasich’s big show this morning: that police and fire placards were “noticeably absent” from the empty table.

I just talked to Jim Gilbert, President of FOP Lodge #9 here in Columbus, and he reiterated his support for the repeal effort and called their claims bullshit, which is very similar to what he wrote online earlier today:

Let me be very clear … Law Enforcement, namely the FOP and firefighters are in this fight together with all public employees! The media stunt today having and having the Columbus Dispatch pathetically report “unions may be divided” is total crap!!! NO TO SB5/Issue 2…period!!!

Any questions?


Here’s the Kovac video of Kasich’s claim:

  • WestParkGue

    This whole setup was just SAD but I’m sure Kasich and company think they are pretty slick.

  • Anonymous

    I have a serious problem with this jerk wasting my taxpayer money for a stunt!How much did all this cost?Enough for a family to buy groceries for a month I’ll bet,I want to see the receipt! 

  • Question — does Batchelder own only ONE suit, or does he have a closet full of identical suits? He is wearing what appears to be the same suit he wore during the press conference earlier this week, when Kasich, Niehaus and Batchelder made their bogus “Let’s sit down and negotiate” offer.  Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Natasha F.

    Suppose you threw a party and nobody came.

    Ten Reasons Why Nobody Went to the Kasich Right Wing Negotiation (We Wanna Screw You Some More) Party

    10. It’s the deodorant Kasich, Batchelder and Niehaus don’t wear.
    9.  Nobody wants to be viewed by Batchelder and his X-Ray Spectacles.
    8.  Poor Posture and “pizza face” adult acne might be contagious.
    7.  If you hang around buttholes people might think your a hemorrhoid
    6.  Too busy over at the Hyatt wrestling with Jarrod Martin and Doug Priesse
    5. Bob Mecklenborg was supposed to give me a ride.
    4. Kris Jordan had a few drinks showed me his 40 millimeter and pushed me around and the Delaware Prosecutor said not to go.
    3. The Mo-Fos in charge sent the letter out a year ago. (August 17, 2010)
    2. All the cops (Kasich called idots) are ticketing cars enroute to the Riffe
    1. My back might be sore from hauling all those petitions with 1.3 million signatures,  but it ain’t broke, and Kasich, Batchelder and Niehaus can kiss my big ass in November.

  • Kasich lies, I am shocked.  Really Shocked.  Really really shocked./snark

  • Adrienne Knight


  • Adrienne Knight


  • Adrienne Knight


  • Anonymous

    King Kasich the Liar-hearted.

    Last night, Ed Shultz played a clip on his MSNBC show, where King Kasich had appeared on right-wing radio’s Bill Cunningham show on WLW in Cincinnati during February of this year .
    Here’s what was said  during that radio broadcast:

    King Kasich:  I know what they’re concerned about. I’ve spoken to them.

    Cunningham: Meet with them, Governor.

    King Kasich:  Well, Bill, the simple fact of the matter is that a lot of my people that put this stuff together have spoken to them. Okay?

    Cunningham:  But Governor, you have to get in a room with them, Governor.

    King Kasich:  Bill, Bill, let me explain to you. I’m not going to let you put me in a position to say I don’t listen.  I’ve listened.  I’ve heard.  I’ve made a decision, Bill … We spent a lot of time in Ohio, talk, talk, talk, talk, talking.

    Cunningham:  The Governor is done talking. you’re walking.

    Say “g’night” King Kasich.

  • Adrienne Knight

    Awesome bash, Natasha.

  • Wonder what the flunky filling out those nifty place cards was thinking?
    Where were the other Republicans? Looks like the GOP is divided to me and from what I hear the conservatives in NW Ohio don’t agree with Kasich in watering down the law

  • Hungry Coyote

    Batchelder keeps showing up in those funky light colored suits, he reminds me of Ned Racine, the sleezy, inept lawyer played by William Hurt in “Body Heat”. Just like in “Body Heat”, Batchelder and Neihaus are getting a little love from Kasich now, but we all know how this sory ends. Kasich will be sippin’ drinks on the beach with Bill O’Reilly and Batchelder and Neihaus are going to end up filing bancruptcy cases, chasing ambulances, and wondering why they didn’t see that bus coming before they stepped off the curb.

  • Anonymous

    Batchelders glasses are so thick, he can see wind.

  • Hungry Coyote

    I was watching the video and listening to Kasich ramble on with his “unscripted” comments and I kept waiting for Chuck Barris to run into the room and bang the gong. Doesn’t this man realize he’s making a fool of himself?

  • The last one was a more solid white I think. This one is a little more off grey. 😉 

  • dlw

    We’re going to see that first picture a lot in their campaign to uphold SB5….

  • How were we supposed to participate in the legislative process when they locked the doors on us? 

  • Anonymous

    Well done!  Kasich has insulted every middle class man and woman in this state.  How do you think family members feel that their spouses, parents, children, neighbors, and friends have been called names and told that their views were unimportant?  Let them all know that we’ve got to stand together against this awful, arrogant man.

  • John

    You know, we all have been anticipating the BIG $$$$ coming in for TeeVee ads supporting SB5,  but I’m wondering if it will be viewed as so much of a Lost Cause that Rove, the Kochs, et cetera, ad nauseum, might decide not to waste their money and let SB5 go down in flames.
    This pathetic stunt by the 3 Stooges today can’t give much confidence to the big donors that  Kasich and the Ohio GOP either knows what it’s doing or has any hope of winning in November.

  • Anonymous

    Knowing how many 20 year-olds run the legislative branch, I’m sure some recent college grad in some Republican reps office got to bust out the sharpies.

  • Hungry Coyote

    Speaking of big theater, as I watch the video of Kasich and his pals sitting at the table delivering his lines I envision the camera pulling back to reveal the producer, director, and the casting supervisor as they look up to him and say “Thank you, we’ll give you a call. Who’s next?”

  • Anonymous

    man, you guys ever argue online with any of the “Young College Republicans”? It’s like speaking directly to a fox news robot. When SB5 first came out they were on the cops/fire fighters/teachers are all loafers, commies,etc bandwagon. Wonder how they feel now? 

  • Anonymous

    I bet he inherited them all from his father.

  • Anonymous

    And then there was that UA stoogent who bad-mouthed public sector employees for sucking on the government teat and then bragged how his college education was free because one of his parents worked at UA.

    Consistency is NOT a common characteristic of “Young College Republicans.”

  • I posted this audio back in February.  Thanks for reminding me!  I’ll repost it again right now !

  • Anonymous

    Yes.  Empty table signals division.  Division like a 17-16 vote in a 23-10 Senate, right?

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, back off on Batchelder’s apparel.  It’s not Labor Day yet, man.

  • Anonymous

    I think the funniest part is that Kasich and crew had the name tents, too.

  • I was going to write a rebuttal to this stupid mans monologue but it is just toooooo stupid for words. He is all BS.  I was not going to go to the state fairgrounds tomorrow but Kasich has just given me reason to go. When I was 19 I had a t-shirt  that showed a single rose and these words. Some men are like roses but watch out for the pricks. I thought it was cute. Guess which Kasich is. I think I might make a t-shirt that says, Some Ohio Governors are like roses, but watch out for the prick! and place Kasich’s ugly mug on it.

  • Ya, I want to know where he learned his math. Because you cannot divide something that is not there. WE ARE UNITED!!!!!!!!

  • Ya like we don’t know who Larry , Curly, and Moe are.

  • Annekarina

    Was he talking to the walls?

  • Anonymous

    Love that first picture.  Description should read: “Governor Kasich prepares to meet face-to-face with 10 union delegates.  Er….make that slightly askew with 6 crammed together empty chairs.  Glad they had the microphones prepared for that cavernous space.”

  • Anonymous

    I completely had that thought!!!!

  • He probably owns several suits but he keeps picking the same one because he can’t see for shit. 

  • Batchelder reminds me more of an adult version of Ernie Douglas from “My Three Sons”. 

  • Anonymous

    Super!  When I first looked at the picture I asked myself who is the coot behind the Foster-Grants and how many different Good Will stores did his poor wife have to shop at so that she could find that 1970’s Iowa straw poll leisure suit in his size.  I suppose that a good suit should last 50 years, but I still have to wonder how many centuries that polyester monstrosity will be in the landfill.  Nothing screams conservative like an old guy in a powder blue rag-bag from yesteryear.  Way to go, Batchey, if you put a red rubber ball on your nose you could really liven up a party!

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