For the second month in a row, Ohio’s unemployment rate in July increased .2% to 9%.  This was the first full month of the new FY 2012 since Governor Kasich signed his “Jobs Budget” into law.

The number of unemployed Ohioans increased for the second month in a row.  In July, the number of unemployed Ohio grew 12,000 from June.  In June, the number of unemployed Ohioans grew 11,000.  In other words, the growth in the number of unemployed Ohioans stayed relatively flat, with some slight growth.

But job creation can’t keep up with the changes in the labor population.  In June, Ohio added nearly 12,000 new jobs.  In July, job creation slowed down to 6,500.  Nearly half the jobs created the month before.

As we pointed out in June, Governor Kasich’s budgets and the severe job losses in the public sector is an enormous drag on Ohio’s employment recovery.  In July, government was one of the top leaders in job losses again (-400) with the major sector for job losses being summer-tourism related industries followed by educational and health services (-2,900.)

I predicted last month that thanks to the Tea Party debt ceiling game of political chicken being done right when June’s report indicated a softening market could lead to Ohio seeing three straight months of increasing unemployment.  So far, we’re already two for three.

While the nation’s unemployment rate has stayed relatively flat (it actually went down .1% from June to July), Ohio’s has been consistently going UP as Kasich implements his job-killing budget.  So, naturally, in light of this news, Speaker John Boehner has invited Governor Kasich to deliver the Republican weekly radio address billed as Kasich telling Washington how it should do things.  Because Obama should listen to a guy with a 35% approval rating, and increasing unemployment, a deficit in his own budget, and a massive labor political fight of his own choosing.

Before Kasich started messing up this State, we had 14 straight months of DROPPING unemployment.  We hadn’t seen that kind of consistent streak since Democratic Governor Dick Celeste took office in 1983.  Kasich blew it.  Last month, several of Kasich’s defenders suggested that you really couldn’t judge Kasich on the economy until July since that’s when the budget actually would be in effect.  Well, we now how economic data for July in Ohio.   Congratulations, Governor Kasich.  You aren’t getting the jobs done.

Maybe instead of dealing with guns in bars, restricting abortion, and picking an unwilling and unnecessary fight with Ohio’s unions, Kasich, Batchelder and Niehaus do what they said they’d do and focus on jobs!


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