From the daily archives: Thursday, August 18, 2011

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The Tea Party organizations behind Issue 3, the totally unconstitutional constitutional amendment that outlaws an individual mandate for health insurance, released a video that highlights the signers of their petition and why they signed.  They highlighted roughly four individuals.

About two minutes in, they featured this testimonial:

Government-run health care… will… hurt…. MEDICARE?!?

First, even if you put aside that this amendment, if passed, is a unconstitutional nullity.  But even if it were, and it somehow passed, the amendment only addresses the individual mandate.  It has no affect on the Medicare savings in […]

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Budish challenges Speaker Batchelder to back up their talk yesterday with action.  He has asked the Legislative Service Commission (LSC) to draft a bill to repeal SB 5 and asked the majority to call the General Assembly to pass it in order to wipe the slate clean and give labor and the Republicans the opportunity to negotiate a compromise to Senate Bill 5 like Batchelder and Niehaus have indicated.

“If Gov. Kasich and Republican legislative leaders are serious about compromising on Senate Bill 5, they will take the first necessary step and reconvene the legislature to completely repeal this […]

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So, yesterday Governor Kasich and the GOP legislative leadership hold a press conference to profess their desire to hold talks with the We Are Ohio campaign to try to reach a compromise on Senate Bill 5.  We Are Ohio said they would be glad to talk about a compromise, but in order to show they were serious the campaign said Kasich and the Republicans would need to repeal Senate Bill 5 first before any talks could be had.

Some in the media called this a “demand” of labor, but really it was a political reality.  There was NO WAY We […]

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After Kasich came forward yesterday asking for a deal on SB5, I was contacted by a friend of the blog who wanted to share some information about Chan Cochran – the Republican political operative who has been peddling misinformation about Kasich’s outreach to labor.

We’ve mentioned Cochran a few times recently, but he really deserves a little more detailed and personal coverage and our friend, a long-time political observer who requested anonymity out of fear of the Kasich bus, agreed to write up a guest post for us on the topic. Enjoy…



The motive of Gov. Kasich […]

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