Budish challenges Speaker Batchelder to back up their talk yesterday with action.  He has asked the Legislative Service Commission (LSC) to draft a bill to repeal SB 5 and asked the majority to call the General Assembly to pass it in order to wipe the slate clean and give labor and the Republicans the opportunity to negotiate a compromise to Senate Bill 5 like Batchelder and Niehaus have indicated.

“If Gov. Kasich and Republican legislative leaders are serious about compromising on Senate Bill 5, they will take the first necessary step and reconvene the legislature to completely repeal this bill,” said Budish. “Upon the complete legislative repeal of SB 5, we can then begin to do what should have been done 8 months ago, and have an open and honest discussion with those affected by these proposed law changes.”

“I’m pleased that Gov. Kasich and Republican legislative leaders recognize that this is a flawed bill, but asking for a compromise without taking the first concrete step to repeal this bill is disingenuous,” said Budish.  “Given the very limited time frame, I’m concerned that their request to meet is more of a publicity stunt than a sincere effort to reach common-ground.”

The deadline to remove the Senate Bill 5 referendum from the Nov. 8 ballot is August 30, less than two weeks away.  Leader Budish indicated his willingness to work together to get members back to Columbus and support repeal efforts.

The problem with a bluff is you don’t have a plan if someone calls it.  And that’s the mistake Kasich, Batchelder, and Niehaus are just figuring out.  Labor and Democrats have taken the talk about a compromise and turned it to their advantage and now have painted the GOP in a corner where they either have to repeal SB 5 or admit their talk about “compromise” on SB 5 was just a slick political p.r. move.

GOP: “We want to talk with labor on SB 5 because we want to show we’re reasonable and willing to compromise.”

Democrats/Labor: “Ok… let’s reset everything back to zero and start over by repealing SB 5”

GOP: “Well, we hadn’t really planned on that…”

Democrats: “Oh, that’s okay, we’ve got a bill right here to do just that…. Hello?  HELLO?  Huh.  They must have hung up.”