From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On Wednesday, May 13, 2009 the Ohio House of Representatives passed H. B. No. 19, a domestic violence bill named after teenager Tina Croucher who was shot and murdered by her former boyfriend in 1992. The bill was introduced by State Rep. Sandra Stabile Harwood (D-Niles) and requires schools to teach dating abuse prevention in health classes.

The Ohio House of Representatives Journal for that day reported that then-Representative Kris Jordan voted against against the bill. Jordan is currently being investigated for “pushing around” his wife while running around his house drunk with a gun.

The […]

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Back in late 2009, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine put together a 10 point plan that he hoped would help restore the “conservative credibility” of the Republican party in Ohio.

“The Republican Party has lost its credibility,” wrote DeWine. “We were the party of ethics and morality until our elected officials became symbolic of scandal and corruption,” he said. And “voters did not reject our conservative ideology… they rejected our hypocrisy.”

The final step of his plan was to “Enforce a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct”

Our party historically upheld the highest standard for ethics and morality in government, but […]

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