From the daily archives: Saturday, August 20, 2011

HB 1, which created RobsOhio, was railroaded through the legislature so quickly (36 days from introduction to being signed into law.) it made the legislature’s consideration of SB 5ook downright deliberative in comparison. 

After it passed the Ohio House, Speaker Batchelder admitted that he had deep concerns that the bill he just passed for the Governor was unconstitutional.  The Senate never really addressed these concerns, but instead just consented to the changes the Senate made.

One of the provisions of HB 1 (Section 6) was a mandate that any legal challenge to JobsOhio constitutionality could only be […]

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So now that we’ve pretty firmly and completely established that the press conference yesterday was one big PR stunt to try to re-frame the debate and paint the unions as the ones who are inflexible and unwilling to negotiate, it’s time to have some fun with it.

As a reminder, here’s a picture from Kasich’s staged press conference complete with an empty table and name tents for the union leaders who “refused to show up”.

Announcing the latest PlunderContest:

Waiting for John Kasich

Here is how it works.  First download a printable table tent slash invitation to the […]

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Kasich’s fake outreach to union leaders reached a new level of ridiculousness today when he staged a fake meeting and then pretended to be outraged when no one showed up.

Union leaders clearly informed the Governor the previous day that they wouldn’t be attending his big charade but would gladly participate in discussions once the bill in question had been repealed. Still, Kasich and Republican legislative leaders showed up and sat in front of an empty table today claiming the unions had “flunked the test of showing up” and “abdicated their moral authority” by not participating in Kasich’s […]

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