Kasich’s fake outreach to union leaders reached a new level of ridiculousness today when he staged a fake meeting and then pretended to be outraged when no one showed up.

Union leaders clearly informed the Governor the previous day that they wouldn’t be attending his big charade but would gladly participate in discussions once the bill in question had been repealed. Still, Kasich and Republican legislative leaders showed up and sat in front of an empty table today claiming the unions had “flunked the test of showing up” and “abdicated their moral authority” by not participating in Kasich’s big theater production.

The whole thing comes across as pretty fucking ballsy on the part of the Republicans considering Kasich straight up refused to meet with the unions six months ago while SB5 was still being debated.

I’m specifically talking about Kasich’s appearance on Bill Cunningham’s show on February 28th, 2011.

During the interview, Bill asked Kasich why he wouldn’t “just meet with the unions.”

Why won’t you “get in a room with the people who are affected” by SB5, asking Bill. Why won’t you “just listen to them?”

Bill Cunningham, the ultra-conservative radio talk show host, then implored John Kasich to “Meet with them, Governor!”

Kasich responded: “I’ve listened. I’ve heard. I’ve made a decision.” Period. End of story.

Here’s the clip…

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