From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Labor has already won.

Thanks to John Kasich, the pro-SB 5 campaign cannot credibly say that SB 5 contains nothing but necessary reforms for Ohio.  Thanks to John Kasich, they can’t say the opposition to SB 5 is based entirely on “lies” by union bosses.

And thanks to John Kasich, the GOP is splintering before our very eyes.  Yes, I realize we saw the leader of the House and Senate stand with Kasich.  But think about this for a moment.

Let’s say you’re a Lynn Wachmann or John Adams true believer in SB 5 type.  You know, a crazy person  […]

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Here’s some reaction from today’s press conference in which Governor Kasich offered to meet with labor leaders to discuss a compromise on SB 5.

First, the Governor:

"Just because we talk doesn’t mean we work it all out.” (talk about lowering expectations for a compromise out the gate.)

Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro (D-Hubbard):

“Governor Kasich and Republicans in the General Assembly have finally admitted that Senate Bill 5 went too far.   If they thought they could destroy collective bargaining in Ohio and get away with it, they have been proven wrong.  More than one million Ohioans have already sent […]

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Want to see how a politician can, in an attempt to gain some short term public relations gain, cause himself long-term political harm?  Enter Governor Kasich who writes a ridiculous letter to We Are Ohio’s labor leaders demanding that they negotiate his surrender on Senate Bill 5 on Friday.

How ridiculous?

It starts with the new theory that Ted Strickland was really the genesis of SB 5.  What they’re referring to is Budget Planning and Management Commission that the Republicans in the legislature insisted be created in Governor Strickland’s first budget.  Except there was never any bipartisan […]

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Josh Mandel’s Worst Week Ever?

On August 17, 2011 By

Josh Mandel’s horrible, no good, week just keeps getting worse. First there were the allegations that he was using copyrighted photos from the Dispatch on his campaign website without disclosing it. These allegations led to his campaign taking down the copyrighted material from his website, but still leaving it unclear whether he had paid for them. All the more reason for us to look forward to his campaign finance filings. (If you are scoring along at home you will want to see whether he files an expenditure paying The Dispatch for the use of the photos or whether […]

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Dear President Frost-Brooks,

I want to simply and clearly state my unequivocal opposition to any offer by Ohio’s Governor and GOP leaders to meet with you to negotiate on the contents of Senate Bill 5.

The time for discussion about this harmful legislation passed when our concerns about this far-reaching legislation were blatantly ignored by the Senate during committee and floor discussions and votes and again in the House committee and floor discussions and votes.  As an educator who offered thoughtful and research-based testimony to the House committee immediately preceding Vice President Leibensperger, I received NOT ONE single question during […]

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When asked about his three recent alcohol-related run-ins with the law, DDN reports that Republican State Rep. Jarrod Martin said: “I’ve never quit anything in my life, and I don’t plan to start now.”

It’s not clear if Martin was promising never to quit his career in politics or never to quit getting drunk and acting like an ass in public but, based on quotes from Martin included later in the article, it seems likely he meant both.

As we’ve reported multiple times, Martin was kicked out of a hotel for being drunk and fighting with his “friends”. […]

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