Josh Mandel’s horrible, no good, week just keeps getting worse. First there were the allegations that he was using copyrighted photos from the Dispatch on his campaign website without disclosing it. These allegations led to his campaign taking down the copyrighted material from his website, but still leaving it unclear whether he had paid for them. All the more reason for us to look forward to his campaign finance filings. (If you are scoring along at home you will want to see whether he files an expenditure paying The Dispatch for the use of the photos or whether The Dispatch makes an in-kind contribution by forgoing payment for the use of the photos. Personally, I can’t wait to find out which one it is.)

On top of that there was that little article in The Dispatch the other day highlighting that Mandel is over 90 days late filing his personal finance disclosure report with the U.S. Senate. Senate Candidates are required to file their personal finance disclosure reports with the U.S. within 30 days of announcing their candidacy. Mandel’s was due on the 15th of May, but as of Monday he still had not filed them. Which begs the question – if Mandel doesn’t think he needs to file his personal finance disclosure reports on time and doesn’t need to follow copyright laws, are there any rules Josh Mandel thinks he has to follow? Or is he just making them up as he goes along?

Now you can add to this ever growing pile of failure the fact that he polled dead last in a Public Policy Polling report of Republican candidates that could plausibly run against Senator Sherrod Brown in 2012. According to Public Policy Polling, Brown would win by 15 points if the election was held today and his opponent was Josh Mandel.

Tressel does as well as any of the Republicans who are actually running or could plausibly get into the race though. Brown leads Congressman Jim Jordan 47-35, former state senator Kevin Coughlin 47-33, and State Treasurer Josh Mandel 48-33.


Which is worse: a) that Josh Mandel has the highest name recognition among them all and still finishes last or b) Congressman Jim Jordan, who hasn’t even entered the race, would beat Josh Mandel by 2 points or c) that he would lose to disgraced head OSU football coach Jim Tressel?

This is bad news for multiple reasons for the Mandel campaign. As I mentioned above, if you have the highest name recognition, and it is 5 points better than the next Republican candidate, and you still finish last, that is horrible news. That means that voters know who you are, they know what you stand for, and have made an opinion on whether they like you or not. In this instance it seems they have decided they don’t really care for Mandel’s extreme brand of Tea Party fear mongering.

Not only is this report bad news for Josh Mandel and the other Republicans that may run against him, but it’s bad news for any national Republicans thinking there is any chance of them picking up this seat in 2012. This is just another in a line of polls showing Sen. Brown with a strong double digit advantage.  These polls prove once again that any Republican dreams of taking this seat back were exactly that – dreams.

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